If you were too afraid of being ganked by buffed up ships flying in open mode, but still always wanted to try and fight someone of your own size – fear no more! The small ship PvP event is here!

There will be multiple events held at Binet Port, Ki, this Saturday (January 21st) at 17:00h (19:00 UTC).


  • Wing fights and/or duels with small, non-engineered vessels
  • Hull-tank Hauler Derby
  • Old Farts against the world (secret event, more announced later)


  • "Small, non-engineered vessels" include all ships that fit on small landing pad. Only allowed engineer mods are High Capacity modification (grade 3) for heat sinks, and grade 1 modifications for power plants.
  • In Hull-tank Hauler Derby, all contestants should have this build https://eddp.co/u/xFsfZgQ7 (doesn't have to be 100% copied, but no shields, or weapons other than fixed frags are allowed)

If you're thinking of joining, check this Strawpoll and make sure to join the Iridium wing Discord where you can ask about any other info, help with fits or even ships!