The upcoming EVE update for March brings another package of ship balance heavily inspired by the CSM Winter Summit.

CCP is planning to adjust the Ferox and Marchariel, as well as the Orthrus, which should create space for other ships to shine. Alongside those changes CCP will also be giving some long-requested upgrades to Tech I Battleships, allowing Attack Battlecruisers to fit Micro Jump Drives, and making improvements to some less popular hulls.

An entirely new ship in the March release will be introduced: an extremely specialized defensive ship that can help fleet commanders avoid “headshotting” tactics in large battles.

Upcoming changes

All Tech I Battleships (exact numbers vary slightly by ship):

Quality of life is the name of the game here. Longer lock ranges for synergy with MJDs and more cargo room for all.

  • +25% to cargo capacity
  • +20% to maximum lock range

Attack battlecruisers

It has been decided not to give medium MJDs to Attack Battlecruisers originally because at the time they were quite powerful kiters. These days they aren’t nearly as strong so this restriction is not needed any longer.

  • May now fit Medium Micro Jump Drive


The Orthrus has been a small and medium scale powerhouse since its release and it’s time to bring it down a notch. With more pressure on the tank through reduced fitting room, slightly less speed and a bigger sig it will feel less oppressive. It may take a few visits to get the Orthrus in the right place, but this should be a good start.

  • -100 power grid
  • -15 maximum velocity
  • +15 signature radius


Reduced fitting here will force more tradeoffs between tank and damage, bringing the Ferox closer to its competition.

  • -100 power grid
  • -15 CPU



It has been decided that shifting a low slot to a mid was the best course. CCP hopes it keeps the Machariel intact as a strong skirmisher with even more utility options than before while lowering its value as an armor-based fleet brawler.

  • Gallente Battleship bonus per level: 7.5% to large projectile falloff (was 10%)
  • +30 signature radius
  • +1 mid slot
  • -1 low slot

Drake Navy Issue

A big change was necessary to give this ship some new life and hope that a pivot towards pure offense will do the trick.

  • Caldari Battlecruiser bonus per level: 10% to Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile damage (was 4% to shield resistances)
  • -1 launcher slot


A simple buff here to nudge an already decent ship towards competitive viability

  • Minmatar Battlecruiser bonus per level: 7.5% to Heavy Missile Launcher and Heavy Assault Missile Launcher rate of fire (was 5%)


The Eagle has had a place before in the fleet meta and may find one again between the Assault Damage Control and the Ferox nerf, but some added utility is a good idea.

  • +12 maximum velocity
  • +25 drone bandwidth
  • +25 drone bay


With these improvements the Muninn can find a place as a more agile and slippery artillery option compared to Hurricanes or even Lokis, but that’s some stiff competition so these balance passes are still up for future changes.

  • Minmatar Cruiser bonus per level: 7.5% Medium Projectile Turret damage (was 5%)
  • +150 armor HP
  • +20 maximum velocity
  • -750,000 mass
  • -10 signature radius
  • -1 high slot
  • +1 mid slot


Introducing the Monitor

CCP has been gathering feedback from the community for quite some time now about the idea of creating a dedicated ship to combat “headshotting” in large fleet battles. “Headshotting” is the tactic of destroying enemy fleet commanders and other leaders to disrupt the organization of hostile fleets. It’s a clever and effective tactic, but it also has a tendency to prematurely end fights and makes it more difficult for newer fleet commanders to learn the ropes. When this issues were discussed with the community at events like Fanfest and through the CSM the idea of a specialized ship designed to survive at all costs has received widespread support. Such a ship would need to be an effective option for resisting headshot attempts while avoiding becoming so powerful and versatile that it would become the only ship worth commanding from.

The Monitor is the first ship in a new group called “Flag Cruisers”. It will be completely focused on survivability at the expense of all other attributes, intended for players who absolutely need to be able to survive uncloaked in a battle. It has no cargo bay, weapons, or drones.

The only modules it can fit are Afterburners, Microwarpdrives, and Micro Jump Drives. In exchange for these limitations it combines command ship levels of effective hitpoints (including 90%+ base armor and shield resistances) with the signature radius of a frigate and built-in resistances against ECM, sensor dampeners, neutralizers, and target painters. This is a ship that will only be flown by a relatively small number of capsuleers but those players will be providing content for many others.

Looking forward

Along with the changes above, CCP hopes to ‘fix’ 500mn Heavy Interdictors in this patch. It has been decided to hold off until CCP can also ship a new module to replace the mass control for wormholers. Players should look for that set of changes in the near future. We can also expect more small changes like the ones above to make sure the meta is interesting and dynamic.