The September release brings visual overhauls for the Osprey, Osprey Navy Issue, Basilisk and Etana, as well as the new Upwell Cargo Deposit feature for structures. In addition to this a whole host of defect fixes and quality of life improvements are included with this release.

Upwell Cargo Deposit

With the September release, Upwell Cargo Deposit allows pilots flying outside any Upwell Structure to place items into their own personal hangar in the structure without docking, even if they do not have docking rights to the structure.

This means that couriers, freighter pilots and those looking to make fast deliveries will have more flexibility to be able to quickly drop off cargo or complete courier contracts.

More Quality Of Life Improvements

With the arrival of the September release comes a whole host of quality of life improvements for capsuleers to enjoy - or "little things", as they're more commonly known.

With customization for the market ticker, activation of multiple SKIN licenses at the same time, refinement of navigation hotkeys so that they also work on wormholes, clearer UI tooltips and more versatile ship fitting simulation with improved tooling, there's something for everyone in this release's round of quality of life improvements.

Osprey & Navy Issue Redesign

Both the Osprey and its Navy Issue counterpart will receive a full visual overhaul with this release, including new models, textures, animations and visual effects to enhance their appearance and continue the overhaul of Caldari hulls.

Basilisk & Etana Redesign

The Basilisk class logistics cruiser and its super rare Alliance Tournament prize counterpart the Etana will receive a substantial visual overhaul with this release. Utilizing the new base model for the Osprey, these hulls will receive an entire overhaul from the keel up with entirely new visuals, animations and effects.

Basilisk redesign

Check out the patch notes for this release to find out all the little things that have been included with the deployment!

Features & Changes


  • Wwise Audio middleware has been upgraded to 2017.2.5.6619.


  • Complete visual overhaul of the Osprey Caldari cruiser, with new unique models for the Osprey Navy Issue and Basilisk.
  • Art Renovation continues with updates to a number of mission assets, and secure containers.


  • Increased the falloff range of the CONCORD Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery and CONCORD Dual Giga Beam Laser modules to bring them in line with similar modules.

Structures & Deployables

  • It is no longer possible to add items to a mobile depot, while it is reinforced. It is still possible to remove items from a reinforced mobile depot or scoop the mobile depot itself.
  • Upwell Cargo Deposit is now available at all Upwell Structures. This feature allows players flying outside an Upwell Structure to place items from their ship cargo directly into their personal hangar in the structure. 
  • Significantly increased the signature radius of Customs Offices to make them easier to hit with XL missiles.

Text & Descriptions

  • The description of the Alliance Tournament Cup has been updated to include the results of ATXVI

User Interface

  • Fitting: Modules in cargo are now included when a fit is saved.
  • Fitting: It is now possible to update fits. When a fit is saved, if it has a the same name as an existing fit(of the same ship type), the player is asked if they want to update the fit.
  • Fitting: A 'Last saved' timestamp has been added in the tooltip for the fit in the Fitting window
  • Fitting: Fitted ships in contracts can now be simulated directly from the right click menu
  • Fitting: If applying a fit fails to fit some items, the player is now presented with a window that opens Multibuy for those items
  • Fitting: A fit that is saved or shared while drones are launched in space will now include the drones in the fit.
  • Market: The market ticker can now be customized to show items which are in designated ticker folder in the Market Quickbar
  • Market: The Multibuy window has been added to the Necom menu, and a shortcut can now be assigned to open it.
  • Simulation: Fitted ships in contracts can now be simulated directly from the right click menu
  • Simulation: View Market Details has been added to the simulated cargo items as well as drone and fighter bay items.
  • Skins: It's now possible to activate multiple Skin licenses at the same time
  • Skins: Skin license items can now be activated by dropping them onto the Skin panel in the Character sheet
  • Skins: Skins are now grouped by name in the Character sheet
  • Skins: Ships listed under each skin in the Skin panel in the Character sheet now have a magnifying glass allowing players to easily preview the skins
  • Skins: Text that summarizes how many skins you have has been added at the top of the Skin panel in the Character sheet. As a result, the filter has been moved to the right hand side.
  • Skins: The Skin tab in the Info window for a ship now lists the skins you have first, with a checkmark indicating you have that skin, followed by the rest of the skins
  • Skins: The Skin tab in the Info window for a ship has been flattened out, rather than each skin being in its own collapsible group
  • "Estimated Price" column has been added to the Compare tool
  • "Dock/Jump/Activate gate" shortcut now also works on wormholes
  • A message that is displayed when activating certain fleet shortcuts while not in fleet is no longer modal and should be less disruptive
  • The tooltip on skills in the Skill panel of the Character sheet now includes how many skill points you train per minute for that skill, given the current attributes and boosters
  • A shortcut to "Toggle collapse all windows". has been added. This is a functionality that used to be bound to the Tab key a few years ago.
  • Ctrl+Tab now cycles through the windows in the order of most recently active to least recently active (rather than by when the windows were opened)
  • To help with identification and learning of bracket icons, the entries in the Presets>Types list in the Overview settings now show (if possible) the bracket icons for that group
  • The systems listed in the Sovereignty tab in the Info window for a Constellation are now alphabetically sorted
  • Structure type, Service and Low Power filters have been added to the 'My Structures' tab in the Structure browser.

Defect Fixes


  • Assigned radial menu interface sounds to the appropriate audio menu slider.
  • Removed unnecessary audio loops from the radial menu interface.
  • Fixed an audio overlap in the scanning window.
  • Corrected several sources of audio corruption in client.
  • Added Audio for the Enforcer and Monitor Concord vessel warping animations.
  • Adjusted the interaction between background music, the camera mode, and the ship tree.
  • Linked SFX from the Smartbombs to the World Level and Turret Volume Audio sliders.
  • Corrected the UI sound for selecting scanning probe sizes.


  • Procurer Mining Barge Pack has the correct volume now.
  • The reinforcement stage of a Mobile Depots can no longer be bypassed by applying extremely high damage at once.


  • Repositioned turret points on the Proteus Gallente strategic cruiser.
  • Adjusted the warp animation loop for the Exequror and Oneiros Gallente cruisers.
  • Smoothed the warp animation for the Claw and Stiletto Minmatar frigates.
  • Improved planet shader and texture memory usage.
  • Prevented the appearance of black squares on explosions in heavy scenes.
  • Restored missing rotation of corpses in space.
  • Fixed an Issue whereby the Warp Disruption Bubble would show up even if the Mobile Warp Disruptor was destroyed before it was anchored.
  • Added SFX to the Rorqual with the Industrial Core activated.
  • Reduced the number of particles used in the missile trails VFX.
  • Adjusted texture seams on the 'Draccous' Fortizar Citadel model.
  • Corrected texture misalignment on the Tempest Minmatar battelship.
  • Modified visibility of Solar Sails on Minmatar ships through VFX bubbles.


  • We removed an erroneous Cerebral Accelerator from displaying in the market.

Missions & NPCs

  • The COSMOS mission "A Storm Brewing (4 of 6)" now provides BPCs for the correct 'Peace' Large Remote Armor Repairer as a reward.


  • Added the variations tabs for the Blood Raider and Guristas capital ships.
  • Added masteries to a number of pirate faction capital ships
  • The warp speed role bonuses enjoyed by the Dramiel, Cynabal, Machariel, Leopard, and Victorieux Luxury Yacht are now applied as a true bonus behind the scenes rather than as a higher base value. This means that viewing the show-info window for an unpiloted copy of these ships will display lower values and that the warp speed will turn green when piloted to indicate that a bonus has been applied.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing the Supercarrier Command Burst strength bonus to apply a 1% bonus per level instead of the correct 2% per level.

User Interface

  • Fixes to how the Info Panel for Agent Missions handles the objectives for various missions.
  • The Info panel will no longer display destroy beacon or cloud when the objective is to destroy an NPC or NPCs.
  • Fixed issue where Mutaplasmid Residue was visible in marketplace.
  • You can now drag images from the show info windows of unique type (e.g.a simulated ship) to a search text field (Market search, asset search).
  • The structure guided bomb group has now been added to all the default overview presets that show normal bombs.
  • Removed a number of unavailable blueprints from the "Required For" lists in the industry tab of item show-info windows.