It looks like roaming around planet surfaces massively payed off for commander Denneb, who discovered a new alien crash site just recently…

The new location can be found in HIP 17862 6 C A at coordinates 30.3398, -98.5876. By the looks of it – it's the same type of vessel found in the original clue-hunt during patch 2.2.

Commander Denneb states that he was just looking for the new terrestrial and organic features on the planet when he stumbled upon his findings.

You can check out his screenshots here.

UPDATE: Another crash site was found by commander Shabooka. This one appears to be in HIP 17403 A 4 A (-34.9831,-141.4127), and it contains a huge wreckage of multiple ships like T9s and Anacondas. Was it a convoy transporting unknown artefacts that got intercepted by the alien ship? Or is it just a coincidence?