Coming to Tranquility on April 5th, the new overhauled daily login system will make long-requested improvements to SKINs, boosters and skillpoints.


Let’s start with the part that everyone will be asking about, the content of the daily gifts. CCP has completely overhauled the rewards: replacing the time limited skins with new permanent ones, creating a new set of boosters designed from the ground up to work as daily gifts, moving the skillpoints into the daily rewards directly, and completely removing the blueprint copies from the old system.


All of the temporary skins have been removed from the rewards, and instead we're now getting hundreds of permanent skins. The new system is launching with 260 new permanent skins (mostly using the new Halcyon Dawn and Carmine Horizon patterns) as well as 148 returning event skins with patterns like Strikeflight Red, Frontier Safeguarder, Zakura Hansei, Purity of the Throne, and more.

The new daily gifts system will keep track of which skins the characters on your account already have, and will avoid giving you duplicates until you have all the skins available (which shouldn’t happen for a very long time if at all since there are so many new skins and we have the ability to add more over time).

Like most login reward skins, these permanent skins will auto-apply to your character when redeemed from the redeeming queue.

The new Halcyon Dawn and Carmine Horizon patterns can be viewed on SISI right now.


The boosters included in the old daily rewards can be very useful, but they suffer a bit from being copies of pre-existing boosters instead of having been designed for daily gifts from the start. They have skill requirements, they often have drawbacks, they are only useful for a narrow set of gameplay styles and ship fits, and they have fairly short durations which isn’t a great fit for being applied from the redeeming queue.

To solve all these problems, the new Halcyon boosters have been designed for the new version of the daily rewards. These boosters provide small bonuses to a large variety of attributes, meaning that they will be useful in a wide variety of gameplay styles and on a wide variety of ships. They also avoid any skill requirements and drawbacks, and they have a base duration of 2 hours (increased further by the Biology skill) so that you can redeem them at your convenience and benefit from their bonuses all through a play session.

There are four lines of Halcyon boosters providing bonuses to different attributes, and each line has five different strength tiers. Alpha players will be able to receive tiers one through four in their daily gifts, and Omega players will receive tiers two through five.

The new daily reward boosters will all auto-inject when redeemed and they will only last 7 days in the redeeming queue so their power and versatility will be balanced by the inability to hoard them.


In the new daily rewards system CCP changed the way that free bonus skillpoints are distributed. Instead of the old system’s separate SP track that fills up at the bottom of the window (which user tests have shown to be unnecessarily complicated for newer players), you’ll now get skillpoints every couple of days as part of the standard rewards.

The total amount of SP that each account receives over time from the new version of the system is the same as the old system (average of 150k every 30 login days for Omegas and 50k for Alphas), but you’ll get smaller chunks of SP every few days instead of getting the bigger chunks once a month.

To transition from the old system to the new one, CCP will be running a script that gives out the SP from the partially filled SP bars of all accounts that have logged in at least once in the last year (rounding up a bit here and there).


For people looking to get their abyss fix, low tier filaments will continue to be available in the new system. The filament days will come about half as often as the old system however, to make room for the new boosters and skins.


To go with the new rewards a major facelift to the Daily Rewards UI has also been done. You can check out how the new system looks on SISI now, or take a look at the screenshot.

A few elements related to the icons are still being tweaked, but the version on SISI today is very close to what will release on TQ next week.

One major change with the new UI is that you will now be able to see what type of rewards you have coming up in the next 4 days, with different icons and labels for each reward grouping instead of the crate icons used by the old system.

The new UI will of course be available both in the Classic UI and the Photon UI styles, depending on which you have active for your game client.