Sometimes you just wonder how a small indie dev team manages to pull off such big content updates every month-or-so. Comparing this with major gaming companies it almost seems impossible - yet, LGM managed to do exactly that once more. The next SPG: Warlords patch scheduled for March 20th is bringing tons of new shiny features!

Planetary assault

It's true! You can now assault and take over planets. 15 planets (not counting Phaeneros) are waiting for you to rule with an iron fist. And this is only the beginning, the base layer of sorts. More variety and improvements can be expected with the next update! Oh and you'll have to dish out the big guns... Release the Kr... erm... Proxima! Once you construct its shipyard, you'll unlock a whole new Tech group to research and develop.

Taking over stations

If you can conquer planets, why wouldn't you do the same with stations? Well, now you can! No more magically unconquerable territory in Gemini. It is all up for grabs! As with planets, this mechanic will be further improved with updates.

Boarding and capturing ships

Waaaaaaaaaagh! Time to pillage and capture your way to swashbuckling fortune. You can board and capture other ships to keep for yourself, sell off, scuttle for Materials, strip down and let your scientists reverse-engineer them or even pass the ship to your war fleets as a beneficent ruler does (or maleficent if the ship is a piece of c***). Along with this comes a number of related research techs and perks!

Unpaused context menu

You know that li'l bit that's been annoying some of you from the start? Exactly... that paused game while on context bit... It's gone! Poof! Like magic... As we usually do, and as was agreed with you fine ladies and gents, this feature is optional. The default state is unpaused, so if you want things to be as they were, just tick the checkbox in the options and you're good to go.

This amount of changes comes at a price of incompatible old save-games so there’s what the devs have to say on the topic:

The amount of changes already done in the game world and the game in general, and the amount of changes left to do is really straining the save-load segment. Primarily loading of course as we're noticing a bulging number of bugs, glitches and even critical errors when loading our own older save files. Basically we're spending a whole lot of time running after bugs that don't exist... time we would otherwise be using to implement features, polish or optimize performance.