Since the release of X4: Cradle of Humanity and the extensive 4.00 update for X4: Foundations, EGOSOFT has been hard at work on the next big steps for the game, and earlier they announced that the 4.10 update is now available to download.

The new 4.10 update for X4: Foundations has become more extensive than originally planned and has, therefore, taken a bit more time. However, the extra effort was worth it and comes with numerous enhancements. In the 4.10 update EGOSOFT improved the existing game feature of Terraforming and, in response to feedback on the 4.00 update,  fixed various issues in connection with mining, trade and station management, among other things. 

More improvements  have been made to the asset management of the graphics engine, resulting in better use of graphics memory. You will notice some changes when building stations, especially in terms of usability (more on this in Inside Egosoft Podcast Episode 4)

The new Custom Game Start feature allows players of X4: Foundations to customise certain starting conditions in the game, within limits that are set in order to maintain game balance. It is possible, for example, to influence factors such as available starting capital, sectors already explored, and relationships with other factions. Episode 2 of the Inside Egosoft Podcast includes more details about the Custom Game Start feature.