The first part of the promised Thargoid story, an intro to patch 2.4 is already available on live servers now! The mysterious caves shown for a brief second in one of the last trailers have been located!

Patch 2.3.10 hit live servers earlier today and brought some improvements and changes to new features introduced in 2.3. You can find the full patch notes below:

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a Commander Data error that could occur when two players switch to a Fighter at the same time in Multi-Crew
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when in High Intensity Conflict Zones for extended periods of time
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving Supercruise in a busy area
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when activating Silent Running in a CQC match
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Capital Ship Encounters

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • General text fixes
  • Updated some translations
  • Fixed a target-able location in the Howard system
  • Audio: Fixed an issue with inbox message alert audio not playing
  • Audio: Fixed an issue whereby the audio would continue to loop when holding the fire button, after your shield cell bank had run out of ammo
  • Audio: Fixed an issue with the discovery scanner audio - Honks are back!
  • Audio: Various audio tweaks and fixes
  • Players will now be consistently moved safely out of asteroid rings when logging in, which should hopefully prevent asteroids from spawn killing players

Camera Suite

  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'Frameshift Charging' indicator to become stuck on screen if you cancelled a hyperjump whilst in the camera suite


  • More factions have joined the Colonia region of space

Holo-Me Creator

  • Implemented various changes to improve the appearance of Holo-Me in extreme lighting conditions


  • Fixed an issue whereby the Technology 06 codex entry was missing from Ancient Ruins


  • Mission board generation optimisations

Thargoid caves


  • Added the ability for Helm to limit the functionality of the Gunner role if desired (for example, preventing the use of utility style modules or deploying/retracting hardpoints)
  • Added the ability for Helm to disable the Fighter Control role if desired
  • Fix to allow the Helm access to turret mode options when they do not have a Gunner in their Multi-Crew session
  • Multicrew activities that have crew slots available are now highlighted with ‘+’ symbols
  • The 'Switch Roles' button will now be greyed out if your SRV is carrying more cargo than the ship has capacity for


  • General network tweaks and fixes


  • Fixed an issue whereby the Engine Detailing slot did not appear when using the the Detailing filter tab

Player Journal

  • Fixed an issue with NPC names becoming garbled in the Player Journal
  • Faction Pending and Recovery state information is now included in the Player Journal
  • Addressed an issue whereby certain events were missing from the Player Journal
  • New "EngineerContribution" event for making donations to unlock an Engineer


  • General Ship Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed some visual issues with the Anaconda's cockpit and made some improvements


  • Moved the camera closer to prevent clipping in livery outfitting

Imperial Courier

  • Fixed an issue with the Imperial Courier's Slipstream paint job


  • Python ship kits no longer appear worn when fully repaired

General Ship Audio Fixes and Improvements

  • Audio: Improvements to the "Rotational Correction" voice lines when returning to the helm from a fighter

Thargoid caves

Now, as mentioned in the Lavecon live-stream, the story that will be coming in patch 2.4 already has some stuff ready for us. Canonn research once again proved to be the shining star of Elite exploration and mystery solving – giving us all the exact location of the new-found Thargoid caves. If you head over to HIP 19026 (90ish lightyears away from Maia), planet B1 C (that’s the 2nd star of the system), and land on coordinates -17, -152. You will see a huge alien infrastructure that looks like the entrance to a system of caves.

There are several entrances that are locked, but some report them opening if you have unknown artefacts on board your SRV. Inside, there are several unknown uplinks that can be scanned even without entering the caves.

Unfortunately, commanders have yet to find a way how to enter the inner chambers of the caves.

Thargoid caves

Multiple Thargoid scavenger drones can be found all over the place. Surprisingly, they can easily be destroyed by SRV weapons and drop various new unknown items and data. Also, multiple organic growths can be found, just like the ones around the barnacles that give various materials and meta-alloys if you destroy them.

The location is very popular and you can expect a lot of commanders swarming in the upcoming days – so fly safe.