With the first Alpha release just around the corner, Frontier released a teaser showcasing how starports will look and feel as well as a roadmap for the upcoming alpha build rollouts...

Although the alpha phases are not dated, we have an overview of what to expect when it comes to Odyssey testing. Alphas will be rolled out in four phases starting with the "First Steps" where players will be able to roam around a single star system to maximize player interaction. Players will also have access to the Takada and Kinematic weapon sets as well as the Remlock Maveric scavenger suit.

The newly announced Apex travel system will also be enabled as well as a variety of various activities to undertake. During this phase, Frontier will be focusing mostly on core game systems and networking.

The second "Combat" phase will open up the universe to a 20LY radius and will enable players to purchase ships, a new Manticore Dominator combat suit while the neighbouring systems will start showing missions and faction conflicts. The goal of this phase will be weapon and general combat balancing

Phase three will focus on exploration, first foot and exobiology mechanics. The playable space will be expanded to a 50LY bubble which will include unexplored planets that allow for First Footfall experience. Players will be able to upgrade to a Supratech Artemis exploration suit as well as analyse organics with the sampler tool.

Odyssey Alpha Roadmap

And finally, the fourth phase will focus on all current game mechanics and compatibility enabling carriers, ships, fighters and SRVs so players can finally see the full Odyssey experience.

Lifetime Expansion Pass owners and players that purchased Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Deluxe will find the alpha as a new product in the launcher for direct download.

As already mentioned, there are no set dates for the alpha phases, but Frontier did point out that they might extend them to gather more player data and the general areas of play or features of each phase are subject to change.

Odyssey Starport Tour

In addition to the Alpha rollout, we finally got a chance to see how the new starports look and feel. The video showcases various parts of the starport like mission NPCs, bars and stores. The general design looks detailed and polished while the audio and ambiance once again shine!