Since Odyssey’s launch Frontier made a large number of updates to in-game lighting to bring the experience more in line with Commander expectations. These changes included relighting ship cockpits, improving all materials and overhauling star light and station exteriors, to call out just a few.

Following the major changes in Update 6 Frontier now, based on player feedback, made additional changes to areas such as Fleet Carriers and exterior station lighting which will be deployed in Update 7.

Whilst it has been recognised that some Commanders may continue to have feedback around how the game is lit FDev feels that for the purposes of aiding further development this issue tracker entry, whilst still holding a number of votes, is no longer providing them actionable feedback to improve the game, with recent contributions unrelated to the specifics of the original report.

Therefore this issue will be marked as fixed following the update, freeing up those votes to contribute to other issues in issue tracker. Of course if you observe any specific instances of poor lighting, please open a new issue tracker entry giving specific feedback.

Degraded terrain textures compared to Horizons

Frontier has been monitoring player feedback following Update 6 and claim they are satisfied that this issue has been largely resolved. This item will be marked as fixed with the final changes set to arrive in Update 7 - if you see specific instances please contribute to the issue tracker giving specific feedback

FPS performance in Odyssey

Further improvements have been made in this area including optimisations to the Navmesh, lighting system, terrain, NPCs, glass shaders and scatter rock LODs. FDev core code team is making good progress on more substantial optimisations, a number of which are expected to be included in Update 8.

Nothing to do on long shuttle rides

Update 7 will provide the opportunity for players to redirect Apex shuttles in transit, avoiding instances of players feeling trapped into long journeys. Fdev will look to mark this issue as fixed in line with Update 7, freeing up your votes to contribute to other issues.

Invincible Thargoid Heart

The cause has been identified and a fix for this issue is being deployed in Update 7, to ensure the fix has worked as intended, FDev will leave this issue open for a time.

Frame Rate Drops post update 5

Update 7 will include changes to the games Navmesh which will hopefully resolve any potential performance impact from update 5. This issue will be marked as fixed following the release of Update 7 whilst retaining developer wider focus on improving Odyssey’s performance.

The following issues will also be resolved in Update 7:

  • NHSS signals in Odyssey are Empty
  • Fleet Carrier and Module costs not included in overall wealth
  • Support missions are not widely available
  • Missions and Rewards are not shared with the team
  • A previously present codex entry is now missing
  • Stolen tritium cannot be donated into a fleet carrier's fuel depot
  • Too much CC returned when systems revolt.
  • Mission Reward Material Missing
  • Deposit fragments stuck inside the rock
  • Unable to interact with Comms Panel in head look
  • Some rock scatter only visual in right eye in VR
  • Seeker and Packhound Missiles do double damage against shields
  • Choosing +Influence reward from missions gives no influence
  • CZ captain defence incorrectly rewards credit bonds for the enemy faction

In addition to Odyssey Update 7 Frontier confirmed that a number of these fixes and QoL improvements will be deployed to Horizons players on both PC and console in September

Upcoming Updates and Content

Please note: These are at varying stages of progress. This is not an exhaustive list of everything that is being considered. They are not final, so they are subject to change. Frontier will post updates with news and details as they progress while it's expected the content will release over the coming few updates. With that said, here’s a look at just some of the features and content in consideration, to go alongside the other development work required for future updates.

The following items are planned to be included in Update 7 which is scheduled for mid-September:

Conflict Zone Anti-Air Defence and Dogfighting

Since the launch of Odyssey, many brave Commanders have dropped into Odyssey’s Conflict Zones to support their chosen faction in ongoing conflicts throughout the bubble. With Update 7 Conflict Zones are being taken to the next level by rebalancing the sphere of combat, increasing the risk for airborne Commanders and introducing new gameplay for those on the ground.

Each active Conflict Zone will have new anti-air turrets to defend against airborne attack. Commanders in the air will need to work with those on the ground to disable them. In addition, AI ships will also be deployed to Conflict Zones for the first time, allowing Commanders to experience exhilarating in-atmosphere dogfights as the battle rages below.

You can see both of these in action in the video below:

Enforcer units coming to Conflict Zones

Following the deployment of Enforcer units to Odyssey’s military installations, rocket launcher equipped infantry is being introduced to active Conflict Zones, increasing the risk for any Commanders hoping to pick off easy prey from the comfort of their SRV.

New Social Hub styles

Changes include elements such as swapping out railings with alternatives, replacing crates and planters with other props to better suit the theme, using different partitions and wall pieces, swapping beams and roof sections, and adding pipes or more industrial looking geometry

In addition, wealthy services and high tech stations now show less rubbish and junk on the floors, while the agricultural, industrial and asteroid stations are progressively more untidy.

Apex Redirect

You’ll soon be able to redirect your Apex shuttle mid-flight. FDev UI team have been hard at work to make this a seamless experience with redirection options from the Navigation list, Galaxy and System Map

Increased stored modules and bookmarks

Stored module and Bookmark limits will be increased from their previous limits to 200.

AMD Fidelity FX CAS

By popular demand, AMD Fidelity FX CAS will be reintroduced as an option in Update 7. This is mutually exclusive to FSR which has its own integrated RCAS system.

Here is a selection of the other features currently in development. As mentioned above, this is not an exhaustive list of everything that is being considered. They are not final, so they are subject to change.

Horizons Cosmetics in Odyssey

FDev character team have been hard at work overhauling Horizon’s flight suit cosmetics to make them compatible with Odyssey’s EVA suits

Four Player Multicrew

Frontier claims they're making great progress on this feature, with a number of ships now in test with four Commanders on the bridge. More details will be released closer to release

New Odyssey Engineers in Colonia

Introducing Rosa Dayette, one of Odyssey’s upcoming new Engineers based out in Colonia.

Mission feature extensions

Work is still ongoing to expand mission features for Odyssey with the aim to increase mission diversity and create stronger links between the in-cockpit and on foot gameplay.

Megaship Social Spaces

Last but not least, work is now underway to bring social spaces to Megaships. This will allow Frontier to position a base for on-foot services, such as Vista Genomics and Pioneer Supplies, anywhere in the galaxy.

As with previous development updates, what we’ve shared today is just a snapshot of what Frontier is working on. More details on the content mentioned above, further bug fixes, performance improvements and of course more as-yet-unannounced content will be announced in further monthly development updates and across other Frontier channels.