The system that has been a source for countless ganks in the past, sitting half way on the Amarr - Jita trade route, falls into first liminality while hundreds fight over the final outcome…

Ever since Raravoss fell to Triglavians people jokingly talked about the same future for systems like Niarja or Uedama. Systems that are 0.5 sec and have been a home for suicide gankers for years because of their strategical position along the major trade routes going from Jita to other empire spaces.

So when Triglavians invaded Niarja, hundreds of people rushed in to fight for their side and their beliefs. As of early this morning, Niarja fell into first liminality effectively dropping the system security status to lowsec.

Multiple nullsec blocks formed to fight on both the Triglavian and EDENCOM sides but it looks like so far Triglavians are pushing the system closer and closer into their own influence. Technically, EDENCOM forces have some hope left since the influence can still be flipped over as long as the system is in first liminality. However, if Niarja falls completely into Triglavian hands, one of the most frequent trade route in EVE will be disrupted and the current hisec Amarr – Jita route of 9 jumps will bump to a wooping 45 making logistics less accessible while prices will most certainly skyrocket.

What the future holds for Amarr is currently in the hands of players. Will the disruption of the main trade line make it bloom into an even bigger trade hub since people won’t bother jumping so far to Jita? Or will it die a quiet death while people simply move their assets slowly away from Amarr space?

It’s still undecided so grab your ships and start heading to Niarja because that’s where the content will certainly be for the next few days regardless of your playstyle!