Reports indicate that the Thargoids have abruptly withdrawn from the majority of human-occupied space.

Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison for Aegis, announced:

“Multiple reliable sources have reported a mass departure of Thargoid craft. Their forces vanished from dozens of locations within hours of each other. Only the Maia and Merope systems are still reporting Thargoid activity.”

“Our theory is that the Thargoids have retreated due to our defence operations depleting their numbers. Then again, they may simply be reconsidering their strategy. Either way, Aegis will continue to monitor the situation.”

In response, Professor Ishmael Palin of the Palin Research Centre offered words of warning:

“Celebrating any kind of victory over the Thargoids would be premature. We have no proof that their withdrawal was a result of human activity, and this action is at odds with their highly territorial nature. Nevertheless, this is still a significant – if mysterious – development.”

Is this tied to the current Interstellar Initiative?

The news of Thargoids leaving follows in close steps with the current ongoing Interstellar Initiative that requires gathering of meta-alloys. Did the exploitations of all the barnacle sites cause the Thargoids to leave? Is it really the ongoing efforts of independent pilots who kept fighting them, or simply a tactical retreat to regroup and rethink their strategy?

Further Aegis research discovered enough meta-alloy reserves in the Witch Head Nebula calling all commanders to join the Initiative efforts. Professor Alba Tesreau states:

"Having analysed large amounts of exploration data, graciously provided by the galactic community, we can confirm that the Witch Head Nebula contains enough barnacle sites to meet the demand for meta-alloys. I am confident that these sites will offer a suitable alternative to the exhausted barnacles in the Pleiades Nebula."

The Alliance, Empire and Federation have already dispatched advance teams to the region. Each superpower has asked the galactic community to support its respective initiative and help them establish megaships and Ocellus starports in the nebula.

With the Pleiades sources of meta-alloys now almost completely depleted, independent traders will play a key role in ensuring that this vital commodity remains available to humanity.

Pilots seeking to participate in any of the three initiatives will be able to find further information on the nearest mission board.