Long have we been waiting for EGOSOFT to come out of the shadows with any kind of info regarding their activity... After a very long silence - finally, some awesome news have been released!

First of all, a new update for X: Rebirth (4.10) is almost ready as well as new updates for both X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion prelude. People with beta access can go patch their games right now to try out the new features while the rest of you will have to wait a bit more until everything is done and ready for release.

X: Rebirth VR edition

X: Rebirth VR Edition will be a new standalone game based on X Rebirth Home of Light, completely redesigned and optimised for a Virtual Reality experience. Currently, it is planned to release X:R VR via early access in the first half of 2017, and it will be discounted for all players who already own X: Rebirth.

Since VR is a very complex - EGOSOFT made a complete new graphics engine that will run the game which is based on the innovative Vulkan graphics technology.

To make the game really VR compatible, alongside the new engine, X: Rebirth VR will feature a brand new UI to work as an immersive first-person VR cockpit experience. Also - new content will be added to the game with extra balancing and a change of gameplay pace.

X4 - in development

There is, however, also another project that EGOSOFT is actively working on and which is even more anticipated by the community - X4! Developers state that it's still too early to talk about many details of the upcoming title which still doesn't have a full name, but they are making good progress and there will be more info coming in 2017.

While EGOSOFT didn't share much info - they did confirm that X4 will be a direct successor of the X series where players will be able to fly many different ships, the game will use a brand new UI that will support manipulation with large fleets and give the player full freedom when building stations from individual modules.

If X4 ends up running on the same Vulcan engine with VR support right from release - this might finally be the ultimate X game everyone's been waiting for.