Gamescom has started and all kinds of new info kept pouring in from every corner of the gaming world, and Elite is no exception…

One of the presentations held by Frontier revealed some information about the upcoming Beyond 3.2 patch. So far, nothing ground-breaking will be introduced, however – at one point of the presentation, people were asked to put away their phones so there still might be something juicy coming our way in just a few days time.

What do we already know?

General Outfitting

  • Large Dumbfire Missile
  • Large Seeking Missile
  • Large Torpedo Launcher
  • Large Multi-cannon (Turret mount)

Human Tech Broker

  • Small Shock Cannon (Turret, Gimbal & Fixed Mounts)

Guardian Tech Broker

  • Small Plasma Launcher (Turret & Fixed Mounts)
  • Small Shard Cannon (Turret & Fixed Mounts)
  • Small Gauss Cannon (Turret & Fixed Mounts)

Wing Missions

  • New planetary settlement wing missions


  • New settlements with backstories to be discovered.


  • Some new Engineers will now be available in Colonia.

The Crusader

  • This matches the Chieftain and Challenger in combat and manoeuvrability but also has a ship launched fighter bay and has space for two multi-crew.

Guardian Beacons

  • These can be found in Chapter 3 and will require players to work out what they do and “ultimately what they will lead you to”.

New Technology

  • Ram Tah has developed a new Guardian based launched fighter Hybrid Fighter Series named,
  • The Trident (carries a Plasma Autocannon)
  • The Javelin (carries a Shard Launcher)
  • The Lance (carries a Gauss Focus Cannon)

You can check out the leaked presentation below