Mysterious code from the Gamescom stream hinted that The hunt begins on the 28th... However, judging by tons of new encrypted messages appearing throughout the bubble - the hunt may have already started!

Early this morning, commander Mr Aster B found a new coded message in Pre logistics support gama followed by other Reddit users reporting new messages in Obsidian Orbital - Maia, Cooper Research centre - HIP 19072, PRE Logistics support ZETA - Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-57, Pre logistics Support Epsilon - PLEIADES SECTOR JC-V D2-62, PRE Logistics Support Alpha - 42 N PERSEI, Logistics Support Delta - Hyades sector ab-w b2-2 PRE and Nehsi Landing - HIP 17655.

So far the messages read hints such as:

  • A trader called Kohl will arrive in CAIL at 10.00
  • The first of three water worlds is Z place to research the next clue.
  • A Cobra is due to arrive at 21.00
  • Dillon never carries cargo
  • The T9 Pilots route takes them to system Cail
  • The Red Trader was carrying fish during the incident
  • The Asp is yellow
  • Granger doesn't carry cargo - he hangs around Apademak

It looks like Frontier might be teasing us with a scavanger hunt even before the promised date. At the moment, lots of commanders have started their trip to the original Pre Logistics support site in hope of more clues and a possible hit on whatever we're supposed to find. In any case - it looks like the time will come really soon.

Stay tuned! o7