Following the recent discoveries, more reports are coming in of brand new Thargoid bases, listening posts and heavy activity around Maia neighbouring systems.

It looks like it takes only an alien invasion for people to finally come together and try all the crazy and creative ways of interacting with the new discoveries. One of which is the Unknown Link, that is now a bit less unknown to us.

These items can only be found inside Thargoid bases, and are used to activate the star map in the central chamber together with the Unknown Artefact and the Unknown Probe. However, if taken out to space they seem to be acting as a guiding beacon after playing a specific audio log gotten from the base after activating the map.

Further investigations show that the Unknown Links are actually pointing towards Thargoid bases which resulted in more findings of the same structure in various different systems. Currently known locations can be found in these systems (a big thank to Tauri_Pavo for keeping the list updated):

  • HIP 19026: PLANET B 1 C LAT -17.9526: LONG -152.6844 (found by lightningwing)
  • Aries Dark Region DB-X D1-63 A 7 A Lat: 25.94° Long: 77.96° (found by CMDR: StarFireIX and wingmates) (and via megaship)
  • Pleiades Sector OS-U C2-7 Body: 4 A Lat: 58.21° Long: -177.04° (found by MadRaptor)
  • Col 285 sector CV-Y D57 AB 4 A 4.78 / 136.27 (found by PanPiper) (and via megaship)
  • HIP 14909 2 A Lat: -26.44 Long: -27.47 (reported by MadRaptor) (Interactive!)
  • MEL 22 Sector ZU-P C5-1 at 4A -63.5 8.02 (found by CMDR two quiet suns) (Inetractive!)
  • Mel 22 Sector nx-u D2-27 5 A -39.8 -56.2 (found by CMDRS OhBelgium and Bioann) (Inetractive!)
  • Mel 22 sector NX-U D2-31 3A -51.8 -109.9 (found by CMDR Painbeaver) (Inetractive!)
  • Mel 22 Sector YU-F B11-1 planet AB 5 A lat/lon -52 / -5.68 (found by NanoExplorer)

Judging by the current rate and the way pilots are able to find new locations, it seems that the 3 sounds available at each Thargoid base combined with the Unknown Link can be used to triangulate another system with yet another Thargoid megastructure.

At this pace, we can easily expect new findings very soon.