EVE Online’s fourth Quadrant of 2021 - New Dawn - begins today, introducing significant changes to mining and resources! As EVE moves toward a new age of prosperity, Capsuleers can look forward to brighter days ahead in New Eden.

Changes to mining, compression, and resources

The journey to strengthen the health and foundation of EVE's ecosystem began nearly two years ago when three phases were laid out in the Ecosystem Outlook article: shortage, re-distribution, and dynamic distribution.

During this time, there have been significant updates to the distribution of resources in the universe, and equally significant changes to how ships are manufactured. Come December, New Eden will move into the next phase of this original plan, as discussed back in 2020.

New Dawn will bring increased resources throughout the universe, extensive updates to mining, a comprehensive rebalancing of EVE's mining ships, and equally significant updates to resource compression.

You’ll be able to read up on all of these exciting updates, as well as get a peek at what the road to prosperity looks like, in a detailed dev blog coming this Friday!

New exploration sites

Alongside these exciting changes to EVE’s economy, you’ll also be able to experience four new challenging exploration sites, all live today! These are designed to reward the boldest Capsuleers with capital and supercapital construction components.

The AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facility is scattered throughout Lowsec, and features a heavily-guarded security vault, ripe for ransacking. Covert Ops pilots will find much to plunder here.

Disrupt the Rogue Drones as they tend their nurseries in Triglavian-held space by pillaging them as part of the Overmind Nursery Groves sites, found throughout Pochven. Scan, salvage, and cloak your ships for this encounter.

In the AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility, found in Lowsec and wormhole space, EDENCOM oversees the logistics of capital and supercapital production. Track down the transport ship ferrying VIPs in order to learn the location of the EDENCOM construction facility. Strategic cruisers fitted for scanning, combat, and hacking are recommended here.

The AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges escalation site is revealed to players who complete the AEGIS Secure Transfer Facility site successfully, and it is fiercely defended. Bring significant firepower with your marauders and dreadnoughts to have any hope of looting this factory!

Check out the full patch notes here.