It's finally here! The big reveal of the unknown crash site shown during Gamescom. The clue hunt ended with a successfully finished community goal and lots, LOTS of narcotics delivered...

After finding Kohl, there was a quick community goal to deliver narcotics. A swarm of commanders rushed to fulfil the goal which finally ended with a new clue posted. It said:

The latitude was -26 and it was a cold moon in the Pleiades sector with the letters AB in its name.

As usual, it didn't take long for commanders to finally locate the wreckage of unknown origin. First to make the discovery was the Canonn research group which is currently in the process of further testing the finding.

If you wish to take a look on your own, head down to Pleiades sector AB-W B2-4, coordinates -26.344 / 97.727.

Frontier has confirmed that the discovery is what the hunt was about and that nothing new regarding this will be implemented until 2.2 hits live servers.