The recently discovered monolith site brought up a lot of commotion – it even got Ram Tah, the engineer to offer a huge reward to all who bring him scan data of the pillars scattered around the location…

Thanks to everyone that dedicated their time to science and extracting data of the monoliths, Ram Tah announced he finally has enough data to access the monolith network. As suspected, there are more of them around the galaxy! Their precise location is still unknown but we now know the systems in which they are located in. These systems are:

  • Synuefe ZL-J d10-119
  • Synuefe XO-P c22-17
  • IC 2391 Sector ZE-A d101
  • IC 2391 Sector GW-V b2-4

All available pilots are encouraged to venture forth and try to fit together another piece of the puzzle