This month the capsuleers of New Eden get a bunch of cool changes to their favourite game. Apart from the already mentioned improvements to the scanning system, release 119.3 brings interesting tweaks to nullsec, new ship designs, the Rorqual rebalance, improvements to player controlled Upwell structures and regular tweaks and fixes.

Scanning system upgrades

With this release, capsuleers will be able to enjoy a host of graphics and audio improvements for the new scanning system, including changes to the color scheme used to classify results for clearer visibility, as well as improvements to the user interface for managing, deploying and moving probes (check out the previous post).

Mobile Warp Disruptor Balancing

Thanks to extremely helpful community feedback, this release includes a package of changes related to Mobile Warp Disruptors. These anchored warp bubbles will now generate killmails when destroyed, and will self-destruct if left unattended for extended periods of time. Mobile Warp Disruptor hitpoints and shield regeneration has also been rebalanced, with special improvements for the Syndicate faction bubbles.

Rorqual & Mining Improvements

This release will see some balance changes to the Rorqual, as well as some tweaks to mining in general with faster cycle times and reduced yield for excavator mining drones, as well as killmail generation on destruction of excavator drones. Tech two mining drones will gain the benefits of the Mining Drone Specialization skill and all mining drones can now be launched and controlled with customizable hotkeys. In addition to this, in order to focus further on its intended purpose, the PANIC module will now require active target lock on an asteroid or ice deposit before it can be activated.

New Designs For The Cormorant & Flycatcher

Caldari engineers are on a roll with this release, bringing forward another redesign of the Cormorant and Flycatcher class destroyer and interdictor for your viewing pleasure. One of the most widely used destroyers in New Eden, the Cormorant and its tech II variants will benefit from a brand new model and animations.

New Hull Design For The Chimera

Every so often, engineers at the Caldari Navy take a look at their vessel lineup and perform a technology review. This time around it’s the turn of the Chimera. With an all new, sleeker, smoother and higher detail model and texture package that uses the same texture technology as citadels, the Chimera will be looking better than ever with this release.

Visual Updates To ORE Vessels

Coming in this release, EVE pilots will be able to enjoy a visual update to all ORE vessels in New Eden, with a texture update that better distributes the paint layer on these ships, as well as additional details that have been added to increase the fidelity of everyone’s favorite money making hulls.

Repair Services In Upwell Structures

Following feedback from the Council of Stellar Management and the wider community, the ability to repair items is coming to Upwell structures, offering the same services as stations across the cluster. This change will allow the repair of ships, drones and modules free of charge in Citadels, Engineering Complexes and future Upwell structures.

Fighter Balancing

In this release, fighters will receive an increase in signature radius to bring them closer to the size of heavy drones, allowing more options for counter-fighter gameplay. In addition to this, the Wyvern and Hel class supercarriers will benefit from an increase in hangar bay size to balance them more equally against the Nyx and Aeon.

Fighter UX Improvements

This release will also bring multiple improvements to Fighter usability including keyboard shortcuts for many fighter actions, improved show info detail and tooltips, support for estimated fighter DPS in the fitting window and fewer “busy squadron” error messages.

Heavy Interdictor Balancing

In a change designed to improve balance for fast attack ships of all kinds, the propulsion scrambling effect has been moved from the “Focused Warp Disruption” Heavy Interdictor script and moved to a new shorter range “Focused Warp Scrambling” script. This will allow Heavy Interdictor pilots to choose between three separate and balance modes for their Warp Disruption Field generators, each with their own strengths.

The return of the Convergence-Nova SKIN for the Mordu's Legion Garmur

Alongside with patch changes, the highly popular Convergence-Nova SKIN features an incredible orange and titanium-black theme and is now available once more for Garmur frigates (not available for the Barghest though)! This SKIN costs 1800 AUR.