Alton Haveri and Lina Ambre report on the latest Triglavian attacks and their changes in tactics as well as the last month's glorious fight against a citadel owned by Hog Hitman…

Triglavians managed to take over New Eden bilboards for the second time broadcasting a disturbing message inviting all interested capsuleers to join them in a war against empires.

Concord officials are questioning the loyalty of independent pilots since a significant number have already joined Triglavian forces in the fights.

Hog Hitman lose a citadel in Hek

Lina Ambre covers one of the largest battles who have taken place in Empire space.  When last month a group of pirates found themselves under attack by the very same people they intended to prey upon.

Hog Hitman declared war to just under 200 alliances and corporations with the intention of assaulting lone pilots in hi-sec. These actions caused an unusual pact and a combined effort from said alliances and finally the brutal attack against Hog’s Fortizar that finally succumbed to the ongoing attacks.

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