The Dreaded Collective update is now live! There are changes to Triglavian vessels, including ammo damage upgrades to the Zirnitra that make it a strong competitor against other Dreadnoughts. There are also adjustments to elements of the Kikimora, Leshak, Vedmak and Draugur, bringing further balance to Triglavian ships.

These changes will have an impact on fleet doctrines, affect meta, and add further usability to specific vessels.


  • Increase base damage on all XL Triglavian ammo by 150%


  • Mass increased from 1,350,000 to 1,560,000


  • Bonus to optimal range increased from 15% per level to 30% per level
  • Max velocity increased from 318 to 325


  • Mass increased from 63mil to 78mil
  • Max velocity increased from 113 to 125


  • Drone bay reduced from 125m3 to 75m3
  • Drone bandwidth reduced from 75m3 to 50m3
  • Mass increased from 9,900,000 to 10,700,000


  • 5% Bonus to Entropic Disintegrator tracking changed to 7.5% bonus to Disintegrator optimal range