It's called a beta for a reason! Today is the day when all players that purchased the Horizons version that includes all beta access get to play around with the latest build called the Engineers. As expected - there's a hefty list of bugs and stuff that might break so take a close look before you start playing.


  • Federation avatars maybe wearing Empire clothing 
  • Some mission avatars have skinning problems 
  • Lei Cheung's avatar is currently experiencing a facial issue


  • Engineer Bases hologram does not match layout of the Engineer Base model
  • Engineer bases have the Coriolis icon 
  • Workshop 'Filter Results' options currently doesn’t do anything 
  • Reputation bar sometimes shows as 0/100 when you have Grade 5 access 
  • Recipe percentages display incorrect value 
  • On rare occasions when applying a recipe to an already modified item can cause the slider to overlay values 
  • Players currently cannot modify torpedoes 


  • Using SLI may hinder the performance of the Vive’s FPS 

Planetary Landings

  • Driving SRV may cause players to get disconnected and fall through the floor upon reconnecting to the game 
  • Points of interest may react sporadically on the scanner when rolling in your ship 
  • When deploying SRV via Garage point players are unable to get back to ship
  • SRV chair isn't animating in sync with pilot impact animations 


  • In Arena the end game credits earned maybe inconsistent within Open/Solo play 
  • Whilst in Arena the player rank shows combat rating instead of Arena ranking 


  • Some players have reported seeing a high demand for Imperial Slaves but asking for far less than the Galactic Average
  • Sometimes NPC drop out from SuperCruise in front of player, this can cause a collision 
  • Asteroid fragments on very rare occasions spawn inside the asteroid 
  • On very rare occasions conflict zones may not spawn 
  • Illicit Cargo notification may not always be present on the GUI 
  • NPC power plant may not fail if damaged
  • Being scanned by authority ship whilst wanted may result in not receiving notification or sound/audio feedback 
  • Interdiction vector may stutter and then kick the player back into supercruise 

Ships, Weapons and Modules

  • On rare occasions the VFX does not show when leaving and entering supercruise for some ships 
  • Some users have reported being able to toggle on & off Hull Reinforcement in the modules section 
  • Materials may not show in the contacts tab 
  • Paint wear and tear deterioration may not work for some ships 
  • Imperial Cutter supercruise vector alignment is slightly offset 
  • Anaconda's top hardpoints may have no doors in cockpit view 
  • Holographic GUI on the Cutter is at a slight angle 
  • ‘Repair All’ also repairs paint job 
  • Corvette forward hull is partially transparent when engaging hyperspace 
  • Exploration Statistics missing unit indicator
  • "Main fuel tank drained" voice may play when fuel is still available 
  • Docking computer will not allow the player to turn off silent running until it is finished 
  • Certain settings in the right side panel may not be saved

Missions, Station Services and Community Goals

  • Players may not receive an inbox message with the location of the Planetary Body after scanning the Nav Beacon 
  • There might be no indication that a mission has failed in the transactions tab 
  • Planetary POI marker for Planetary Rescue Dynamic Scan mission may not take you to a POI with the required cargo
  • Community Goal page's description may appear truncated
  • Players maybe unable to hand in Delivery/Salvage missions 


  • Pranav Antal Exploited Systems do not affect NPCs 
  • Li Yong-Rui: No bonus CR for selling exploration data 

Wings and Private Groups

  • After being invited to join a private group and leaving the invite idle, the menu Private Group GUI may display incorrectly as “Cancel” 

Galaxy Map, Locations and Travel

  • On rare occasions there are Systems with no Stations/Settlements but have a high population 
  • Players may experience low FPS in the galaxy map when close to Sag A and very long route plot times 


Note – If you are experiencing any graphical issues please make sure you have the very latest drivers; this has been known to fix a large amount of issues.

  • Lighting on asteroids is altered when using EyeFinity and NVIDIA Surround 
  • Players using SLI have reported seeing Pulsating objects on planets 
  • Some players have reported SLI issues with planetary shaders 
  • Triple monitors 16:10 setup may not display correctly 
  • Whilst in normal space planets may appear to sporadically jump 
  • Orbit and proximity lines may disappear when viewed from a certain orientation


  • The notification sound is silent when collecting resources 
  • Wavescanner interference still audible when it is muted in the options
  • Players have reported hearing a Station audio loop playing after they leaving station 
  • Players may hear the "Under attack" sound once combat ends 

Crashes and performance

  • Low performance may be observed on higher end machines when viewing the Galactic Centre