Although everyone at this point saw it coming, Frontier confirmed earlier today during the community live-stream that the patch 2.4 is actually all about our old friends – the Thargoids.

The stream started with Edward Lewis continuing his hunt for the unknown ship that started yesterday. He received a message from the Federation saying that the ship carrying the scan data of the unknown vessels has been intercepted. The message contained another hint, similar to the hints found in the stories about the generation ships. This one pointed towards the HIP 17044 system.

This is an urgent message from Commander Edward Lewis.

There are forces out there that don’t want you to know the truth, but I have to make this public.

I found a ship in HIP 17044. A Federal cap ship, shot to pieces. They were carrying the data the Feds stole from Professor Palin. The crew is dead, but they discovered something important about the Unknown Ships.

There’s beacon in the wreckage broadcasting a message, over and over.

It proves what we suspected. They’re back. And the whole galaxy needs to know. The Thargoids have returned.

To find the location, you need to go to the mentioned system, fly towards the 2nd planet (which turns out to be an ammonia world), and fly out 11,000 ls towards the Asterope system.

Once you drop onto the beacon, you will be greeted by two Federal capital ships completely destroyed together with all their escort ships. There’s an unregistered beacon among the wreckage constantly sending out a signal – “Thargoids return”.

Patch 2.4 – The return

Unfortunately, Frontier was very vague about the upcoming content as usual. All we know for sure is that we will get Thargoid encounters that will require special weapons and ship modules, as well as a winged party. The patch is scheduled for Q3 2017, but we don’t know any concrete dates.

We also know that the patch will be heavily story driven and released in multiple “story beats” to make the narrative unfold over time, rather than all at once.

Now, the whole group encounters sound promising, and hopefully those new weapons and mods don’t turn out to be just another batch of RNG masked as “Engineers 2.0”.