A treat is just around the corner for those paying closer attention to the Drifter storyline around New Eden. EVE is getting a new injection of PVE content with the mysterious Triglavian domain…

During the presentation held on April 14 (EVE fanfest), CCP Burger did a presentation covering the origins of the Triglavian Collective, where they come from and how pilots will be able to interact with them as well as the new content they bring to New Eden.

We’re talking about a brand new form of PvE content which will give players an opportunity to visit stunning new locations in form of abyssal deadspace – a home of the Triglavian Collective. As it turns out, Triglavians are humans with their own culture and are often in conflict with the Drifter force.

These locations will be available in multiple stages (level 1 to 5) and players will be able to acquire access to the first tier either through the market or from existing relic sites. This new consumable item will then give you access to the instance, but it will also leave a beacon visible to other players – so be aware of your surroundings.

Access to higher tier locations will be available inside other Triglavian deadspace pockets.

What is special about these new locations is the way they are designed. First of all – they are 150km wide and flying out of the inner zone will result in ship damage and even ship destruction. Three unique design layouts have been showcased during the presentation: Crystals, pillars and asteroids. All the locations feel unique and are visually stunning.

All of these locations will also apply various effects both buffs and debuffs so engaging will require preparation but also very dynamic style of gameplay. Combined with the new, heavily improved NPC AI, these deadspace pockets sound like the best PvE addition to the game in a long time.

In these instances, players will encounter both Drifters and Triglavians, but their behaviour will differ. You may encounter them fighting each other, but they may target you as well. Unlike the rest of pirates and NPCs, these will pod you.

For the full presentation and beautiful screenshots of the upcoming Abyssal pockets, make sure to watch the video below.