Followed by the official CCP charity for Australia, another interesting post popped up in the depths of Reddit calling out for all interested capsuleers that want to take a shot at the first ever Zirnitra kill!

Dark Shines, of The Fuel Cartel, announced a large-scale battle taking place in the Cloud Ring constellation, or to be specific – the system of F7C-H0 this Saturday, January 18th at 19:00 EVE time.

The event goal is to get as many people in sub-cap ships only and write your name on the first Zirnitra kill in EVE history. INIT promises not to engage anyone willing to participate during the lead-up to the event, but once the event begins, you can expect a huge free-for-all brawl, so obviously don’t bring something you can’t afford to lose.

As mentioned, capital ships are not allowed and INIT promises to take care of those who are willing to gatecrash the event. Any fleet that needs help getting in during the event can contact Dark Shines ingame directly and coordinate from there.

If you want to participate in the discussion, make sure to head over here while you wait for the event to start.