Just a few days ago I made a post about commander Fireytoad and his great feat of visiting all the corners of the galaxy... a few days later something even better emerged from the depths of space. Meet commander Crusina...

... one amazing commander who pretty much made a round trip around the Milky Way and documented it all! Locations, routes and even one amazing video that shows footage of some of the best places he visited.

As commander Crusina mentioned in his original report - these are some of the most noticable locations he found:

His journey report ends with this quote:

On a last note, KYLOABS SJ-G E5 6013 is a planetary nebula pretty close to Jacques. In my opinion it is the most beautiful area in the entire game. It's an intoxicating feeling because there is this odd effect where if you move a bit away from stars they suddenly glow a bit. You can see it in the "finding home" video at the 7:03 to 7:37 mark. Visit the area around it and the nebula itself (you can see the nebula at the 0:18 mark in the video). It's just...wow.

Exploration is just "honk and jump" indeed, am I right?