New Eden has been haunted by a series of frighteningly awesome events that consist of daily login rewards, shocking surprises, balance changes…and a little something to get your blood pumping!

Skill points, gifts & more

EVE's Halloween Horrors are upon us! This frighteningly awesome new series of events will give you the opportunity to claim free daily gifts for logging in to EVE, with shocking surprises, ghoulishly limited SKINs, a chilling PVP event and more!

Daily halloween horrors

Log in daily to EVE and get free rewards such as Skill Points, limited SKINs and more from 11:00 UTC on 28 October to 11:00 UTC on 3 November! Upgrade to Omega and get even better, more limited rewards, as well as the Alpha rewards. You can even go back and claim the Omega gifts you have missed retroactively if you upgrade after it starts.

Trick or treat

This Halloween it will definitely pay to undock and go on a spine-chilling rampage as there will be a shocking PVP event from 11:00 UTC on 29 October to 11:00 UTC on 5 November. Tune in to the EVE Vegas live stream on Twitch for more details!

Howling interceptors

Beware of roaming wolf packs at Halloween! An upgrade to Combat Interceptors in EVE Online on 29 October will mean more damage, more fittings and more reason to jump into these ships for some Trick or Treat action!