The Massacre of M2-XFE will go down as the most devastating battle EVE Online has ever seen in 17 years of it’s release.  Dwarfing the previous record set for the loss of 75 Titans in the Bloodbath of B-R inflicting 11 trillion isk of damages.  The Massacre of M2- will see 251 Titans to it’s grave, totalling 23 trillion isk in damages and over 4000 ships lost over the course of the 12 hour battle involving over 5000 players.World War Bee 2 had been raging for over 6 months now between the coalitions of the Imperium and PAPI.  During this stage of the war, PAPI forces have now established a beachhead right next to the very home of the Imperium and began sieging several Imperium installations within the region.

The trigger for the massacre was just another routine Keepstar assault by the PAPI forces. PAPI Super Capital fleet that would eventually swell to over 600 titans opened fire on the Imperium Keepstar while the Imperium super capital fleet of similar size remained tethered and invulnerable as long as it does not engage the PAPI fleet.

Shortly after midnight on the 30th of December, The blinding lights of multiple doomsday weapons were unleashed upon the PAPI fleet by the Imperium.  There was no going back now, and two Titanic fleets then rain death upon each other for the next several hours, and every blinding flash would signal the death of a Titan. 

When the dust had finally settled, PAPI forces had lost 125 Titans to the Imperium’s 121. A total bill of 23 Trillion ISK combined between the 2 warring coalitions and a real world value of approximately $350,000.  With no signs of backing down from either coalitions, the conflict continues with no end in sight. There will be no negotiations, no surrenders. This is the war of extermination, this, is EVE Online.

Written by: A Higher Perspective
Image by Razorien