A recent post by ED lead designer Sandro Sammarco raised a lot of response and valid questions. Sandro was talking about collusion piracy and methods they are trying to come up with to either downgrade the effects, or counter such player measures.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term - Collusion piracy is when Commanders intentionally let fortification commodities be taken by opposing powers in order to undermine their own power: sabotage, often called "fifth column" activities.

I'm currently rather taken by the concept of a success multiplier for Commanders in Open Play. this modifier would not improve personal gains from power play activities, but it would magnify the effectiveness of a power's actions (expand, oppose, fortify, undermine). And the effect would probably be significant.

Now, the problem is - how will this reflect to the player community in general, or more specific - the players that do not play in Open play? Frontier has always stated that each game mode is equal, and it's the player's choice to pick which mode they want to play in. Having a single mode with perks might divide the players.

On the other hand, it is stated how the modifier would only improve power play activities - not the personal gains of players. And with all the over-fortification done by people that just farm merits, it really is obvious something has to be done to make the current system a bit better.

One other problem is griefing. There's no question that there will be players either blocking the progress of traders or just blowing up pilots in non-combat vessels for no good reason, but we also need to take into consideration that piracy is a valid gameplay role in Elite, and if everyone just run for cover into the safety of solo/group mode - they would be isolating pirates from real pilots and leaving them with just NPCs.

It's a very slippery road to drive on so it will be interesting to see how everything develops - whether you're an active participant in Power-play or not.