At this point, probably everyone saw it coming... The big patch that was planned for the end of this year, and apparently the biggest update for Elite since release – has been delayed...

With all the happenings in the world right now pushing many companies and their work force into alternative approach to daily work, it was to be expected that Frontier won't be an exception. With many dev companies turning their employees to remote work, Elite suffers another heavy blow in a form of a delayed new chapter.

Earlier today, Will Flanagan, Community manager for Elite: Dangerous, posted an official statement only saying that the „Next Era“ update is being pushed into 2021. Now as stated before, it was kinda expected but the fact still remains that no one except Frontier knows anything about the upcoming update. It's been literally years since the players have been told to „watch out for official communication channels“ for new info „in the upcoming months“ but alas – we still have no clue what the next update holds.

Apart from the leak last year that claimed Frontier has been developing a FPS module with Thargoid combat and base building for the game – we still lack any official info or announcements.

The good thing is that this delay has nothing to do with the development cycle of Fleet Carriers and the 2nd beta is still on schedule for later this month. The 2nd beta will be available for both consoles and PC.

You can find the full statement below.

Greetings Commanders,

Today, we wanted to share an update with you all regarding the on-going development of Elite Dangerous.

Despite transitioning as a company to work from home during these challenging times, we're still committed to providing the best possible support, development and updates for the game and for our community. We've launched the first Fleet Carriers beta and are now busy working on the second installment coming in May. This second beta will be opening its hangars not only to PC Commanders, but also those on console for the first time! Everything is still on track to bring Fleet Carriers to the live servers in June.

However, during this uncertain period, we've also had to re-examine our longer term roadmap and make some adjustments. To ensure that we can bring you an incredible new Elite Dangerous experience without compromising the team who work at Frontier, the Next Era release date will move slightly from December 2020 to early 2021.

We haven't made this shift lightly, but it has been made with both the team and the game's best interest at heart. We know that many of you are eager to hear more about the Next Era of Elite Dangerous and, despite this shift in release date, our schedule to bring you news and details about the future hasn't changed, so keep an eye on all of our channels for more information in the coming months!

Thank you everyone for your patience, understanding and generally being an awesome and passionate community!

Stay safe and keep supporting each other,