A welcomed change echoed through the galaxy when Frontier announced that from now on, players will be able to earn ship cosmetics by playing the game – and not only by tossing their wallets around their cash store…

This week’s community goals introduced a new kind of a reward – ship decals! Yes, I can see you rolling your eyes already but it’s a start. As many already know – Frontier had a few ingame events that already rewarded unique ship skins and decals but up until now, the only real way of customizing pretty much anything when it comes to your ship and/or your holo-me, was through the Frontier cash store.

This week’s community goal will pit Commanders against one another, siding with one of the factions fighting for dominance over a specific system. Players will need to reach specific victory tiers to achieve victory for their chosen side. The losing side will walk away with credits and reputation (based on the tier they achieve), but the victors will seize the Conflict Zone Decal reward (in addition to credits and reputation based on the percentile each player reached.)

It is also noted that, unlike this specific competitive community goal, other community goals like regular trading ones will reward decals for everyone. That said, not all community goals will be awarding customization items and it’s still up to Frontier to decide what rewards will be implemented in the future.

These decals are not unique to this week’s community goal, and there will be more opportunities for Commanders to get their hands on them in future Conflict Zone-focused community goals! Frontier is also seeking to implement more community goal-related decals as time goes on to create a wider variety and keep the rewards feeling fresh.