Frontier's first stream covering the upcoming changes for the Quarter 1 update of the Beyond series showed us some very interesting changes coming to game base mechanics.  Here's the rundown...

Crime & punishment

  • Bounties are tied to the ship, not the player.
  • While in a "hot" ship, starport services will be limited.
  • Bounties are will NOT become dormant – they are always active.
  • Bounties received for attacking clean pilots have not changed (4-5k), but on top of that a percent of your ship value is added to the bounty PLUS a percentage of the victim's ship.
  • By attacking clean pilots, you gain notoriety points.
  • The only way of removing notoriety is by dying to another bounty hunter or a police vessel.
  • Navigation menu now highlights systems and stations you are wanted in.
  • Bounty cost goes up the more people you kill, and those people pay less rebuy depending on the killer notoriety (wanted players basically pay a part of the rebuy for you).
  • Interstellar bounty is coming back (superpower-wide bounty): gets triggered after your bounty hits a specific threshold (unknown how much at the moment).
  • ATR (Advance Tactical Response) - when you commit enough crimes, ATR ships start spawning. Those ships are VERY powerful but not unkillable. ATR vessels will not oneshot you, but they will be very hard to deal with even with fully engineered ships and wings.
  • Any activity that would be a powerplay crime is only a powerplay crime now - bounties gotten that way can only be claimed as powerplay rewards. When you die in a PP crime - there are no extra penalties and you respawn normally. This ensures powerplay engagement without the full penalties caused by the new system.
  • As a criminal, once you get destroyed - you spawn in the nearest detention centre where you have to pay for your bounties.  It is not possible to swap ships at that point. If you get killed by faction change (for example, the station you were docked at changes to a hostile faction) - you still get ported to the detention centre but no extra penalties will be applied.
  • Criminals spawned in detention centres are placed in a solo instance. This will stop other people for ganging up on them for ganking purposes.
  • Swapping modules in a hot ship with new modules turns the new ones into hot modules as well
  • If you can't pay the bounty your ship becomes collateral damage. You can take a loan or go bankrupt however.
  • Friendly fire threshold is going up so misfires won't trigger bounties as fast as they do now.

Wing missions

  • New mission UI - better visuals to distinguish rewards and different reward choices.
  • Missions can be shared (you can accept or decline it)
  • Wing members share reward even if you don't participate.
  • Mission depot - you get to pick up the items from the mission giver (sometimes multiple hundreds of cargo)
  • UI shows how much cargo is in transit, how much is still left and how much each wing member contributed to the mission itself
  • Wing missions will be available in various types. For the moment delivery and assassination missions (target will be a challenging engineered ship) are planned with more to come later on.
  • Wing missions can be taken as a single player.
  • Rewards will be balanced closer to release date.
  • Each wing member can only accept a single shared mission.
  • If a wing member dies during a wing mission (for example – while transporting cargo) the mission owner has an option of marking the mission as  "partially complete" giving him a percentage of the mission reward. The "partial" completion threshold may vary from mission to mission.
  • People that steal the cargo from the missions will receive a fine calculated from the amount and value of the cargo stolen.

The Q1 update is the smaller update in comparison to others planned.