As announced, today was the release date of patch 2.4 for Elite: Dangerous titled The return, and the first reports of Thargoid attacks didn’t take long to reach the habitable space…

Following news that the Thargoids have attacked a Federal convoy in the Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 system, Aegis has recruited two of the galaxy’s foremost independent engineers to immediately begin developing new defensive and offensive technologies.

Professor Ishmael Palin, a leading authority on xenobiology, has been recruited to the programme as well as Liz Ryder, a specialist in explosive weaponry.

Aegis has placed an open order for a range of Thargoid materials for use in the programme. Aegis Research has promised to reimburse Commanders who deliver Unknown Technology Samples, Unknown Resin, Computer Components and Resonating Separators to Obsidian Orbital in the Maia system for Ishmael Palin or who deliver Unknown Technology Samples, Unknown Biological Matter, Ancient Relics and Explosives to Awyra Flirble in the Eurybia system for Liz Ryder.

As of this writing – Thargoids are considered extremely hostile and pilots are warned not to engage without the proper modules researched by mentioned engineers.