Ever since the Thargoid invasion started we've witnessed massive destruction creeping from the Pleiades towards the bubble. Ships destroyed… stations burned…

This massive wave of destruction banded together a large number of commander under one goal – repair the stations and soften the blow Thargoids keep leaving behind them.

Enter Operation IDA – a joint initiative welcoming commanders from all groups, factions and powers. Ever since the reparation of The Oracle station in Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55 back in March 3304, Operation IDA members never stopped and managed to repair over 20 stations! What makes the whole initiative even better is their last attempt they call ''Zero to hero'' where they managed to repair a station in a single day.

For those not aware – repairing stations left in destruction by the Thargoid attack is no easy feat! It requires a massive amount of resources hauled from various systems back to the station to make it operable once more.

Take Gardner Hub for example, the station Operation IDA repaired last week, which took a whopping 285,000 commodities delivered, and they did it under 24 hours! Thousands of commanders gathering up in various forms of hauling and logistics vessels to try and push themselves to finally reach the set goal.

At the moment, Operation IDA is moving to Werapana to take on the repairs at Bethke Ring and help the Hutton Truckers with their “10 in 10” station repair event where they aim to get ten stations up and running in ten days.

So, if you’re willing to lend your cargo hold and fight the Thargoids in a non-combat way, make sure to stop over at Operation IDA’s website where you can get more info on their endeavours.

Fly safe o7