Starting next week on December 14th, CONCORD will be hosting the Yoiul Festival which brings plenty of activities and rewards to all players of EVE…

The event will last for 12 days through which players will be able to check their redeeming system for gifts that will range from ship SKINs (new Glacial Drift SKINs for all frigates, destroyers and cruisers), to trinkets that mark events through the year, as well as Cerebral Accelerators, apparel and other celebratory gifts.

Be aware that these holiday gifts will be in your redeeming system for 24h each. So, to redeem them all, make sure to log in every day and check your characters.

The final gifts issued on December 25th will be available in the redeeming systems through until January 9th 2017, as will the New Year gifts issued on December 31st.