The latest relase for EVE is highlighted by the Guardian's Gala, but also brings a huge amount of bug fixes, general gameplay related improvements, a slight boost to the client performance and further functionality upgrades for Upwell structures.

With the update, another store sale is available - this time a special two-for-one SKIN offer that will be available between the 14th and 16th of February. All of the SKINs listed below are eligible for the sale.

  • Krusual (Rifter)
  • Sarum (Coercer)
  • Raata Sunset (Caracal)
  • Roden (Brutix)
  • Raata Sunset (Golem)
  • Krusual (Fenrir
  • Morphite Shine (Procurer)
  • Morphite Shine (Hulk)
  • Sarum (Aeon)
  • Roden (Thanatos)

You can check the full patch notes here