It's been two months since the Distant Worlds 2 expedition started alongside with a bunch of PvPers following in their wake wreaking havoc. Today, the Distant Ganks 2 expedition officially closed!

It would be an understatement to simply say that the Distant Ganks expedition didn’t cause a flaming war between the “carebears” and the “murderhobos” (and we already reported on this) so the official announcement of the end to the bloodshed will be very much welcomed in the explorers community.

On 13th of March, they finally reached the number of 3000 players killed (PC only) which was the point at which they decided to end their journey. Following the said announcement, leaders of the DG2 posted a hefty list of stats showcasing the highlights of their expedition.

Hello everyone,

On 3/13, the Distant Ganks 2 expedition eclipsed 3,000 player kills (PC only), marking the official end of the journey for us. This unprecedented expedition has brought emergent content through competitive exploration to a record number of players. I could not be more proud of what the group has done. Before I congratulate specific CMDRs for their contributions, I'd like to cover the final stats from the journey:

DG2 Final Tally

Quick Stats

  • 3,023 Open-only kills
  • 14.91% of active DW2 roster killed
  • 47 kills/day average
  • 372.8 billion cr. kill cost (est.)
  • 18.6 billion cr. rebuy cost (est.)
  • 1,813 unique CMDR kills
  • 75 unique killers

When Distant Ganks 2 began, I had estimated that we would achieve 300 kills, best case scenario. After the massive first week success (1,068 kills), I set a stretch target of 3,000 kills by Sagittarius A* that I thought might be possible with a LOT of work on our part. Thankfully, the brain trust of DG2 leadership was able to pull off the impossible, as we always do.

PS4 Stats

  • ~200 kills
  • Longest confirmed deportation: 9,160 ly


MVP: Czertigre

Czertigre was a brand new participant to DG2 and he really dove headfirst into the effort. Securing 231 kills, the most of the journey, he was an instrumental part of our success.

PS4 MVP: FerosFerioGTR

Furthest Deportation: Smecca is BMFE (25,946ly)

Most Killed CMDR: HprDrv (22 deaths)

Most Combat Logs: [redacted] (9 clogs)

Deadliest Day: 723 kills, January 13th, 3305

DG2 Motivational CMDR Award: DeathDingo

On top of securing kill #3000, DeathDingo provided incredible motivation to the squad during the slow periods. Your contribution is appreciated.

Thank Yous

  • Harry Potter, for streaming 10 hours a day for nearly 2 straight weeks
  • FDev, for giving us a perfect consequence-free method of doing our thing and ensuring that no real PvP was taking place for us to potentially miss
  • DW2 admins, for continually stoking the fears your playerbase had about the expedition by encouraging shit-fit builds, banning anyone attempting to provide outfitting help for open which turned many to our side, locking both the Discord AND PG during busiest time of the expedition, and instantly moderating all discussion of ganking so that no one had any idea it was happening until they got deported back to the bubble.
  • The DW2 Fleet Defense Force, for helping us pad our kill stats
  • Saltlords, for obvious reasons


Since we have achieved our target of 3k kills by Sagittarius A*, the main group is already on the way back to the core for some old-school PvP. For many of us, this scratched the ganking itch we've had for a while and it's back to normal PvP for us. For others, it awoken a sleeping beast inside of them that only player rebuys can satiate.