Buckle up your seatbelts, tuck in those passengers and fill up your fuel tanks because yet another exploration expedition is about to start!

Following the trails of the very popular Small Worlds expedition and the Crab Nebula Expedition, the goal of the „Local Sightseeing Tour“ is to get veteran explorers, newer players and players who haven't tried exploration yet engaged in exploration, and to share the experience of flying an expedition.

Expedition roster and the signups can be found here.


The original plan was to start the expedition 1 week after 2.3 hits in order to give players enough time to outfit their ships.

Due to Drew Wager's event on the 29.4., the launch date has now been shifted to Saturday the 6/5/3303. Three weeks after 2.3 instead of just one.

The following Meetups would then be every Wednesday and Saturday. The exact dates can be found here.

The Meetup times would be the following:

  • EU: 7:00pm BST (UTC+1) - 6pm in-game
  • US: 7:00pm PST (UTC-8) - 3am in-game