Since its debut on Oculus Rift in March 2016, EVE: Valkyrie has launched on PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. The upcoming expansion will bring a huge overhaul and the option to play the game without the need for a VR headset.

With the upcoming Warzone expansion, EVE: Valkyrie will become EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone, introducing PC and PlayStation®4 gamers to the world of the Valkyrie. Now all pilots can fly and fight together, on all supported platforms (PlayStation®, PlayStation©VR, PC, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) in fully balanced online space combat.

The Warzone expansion will add:

  • NEW, next generation fleet of ships with unique weapons and Ultra abilities.
  • NEW modular progression system, giving you more control over how you evolve your ships.
  • NEW maps - Fleet and Outpost
  • NEW game mode: Extraction
  • NEW reward system: Earn Reward Capsules to unlock a hangar full of personalization options for your ships and pilot.

In addition to these huge new features, EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone also brings major changes to your pilot, hangar, and account.


All real-world currency transactions will now be delivered in Gold Reward Capsules, so any remaining gold in your accounts will be converted into Gold Reward Capsules which will be waiting in your vault when you first launch Warzone.

For every 200 Gold you have in your wallet, you will receive 1 Gold Reward Capsule, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 200. If you have 1 or more gold on your account, you will receive at least 1 Gold Reward Capsule as compensation.

Silver (VISK) and in-game items

With many wallet balances and in-game items in the six and seven-figure range, CCP felt it necessary to factor wallet balances and item costs down equally to make comprehending Quartermaster and cosmetic upgrades easier! Rest assured, the silver in your wallet when you update will hold the same relative value as it previously did.

Implants (XP boosters)

If you have any active Implant time remaining when Warzone launches, you will be refunded in Silver. Implants in Warzone only tick down based on your time in-battle, giving you greater control over how and when to use them for maximum XP benefits with no lost time.

Retired cosmetic items

With the arrival of the next-generation fleet, many of the Paint Jobs in pilot hangars are no longer applicable as the original fleet is being retired. CCP is refunding all previous purchases to allow you to buy and apply the new exciting items in Warzone. All your favourite paint jobs will be included in Warzone, so you simply need to decide which of your new favourite ships is deserving of a stellar cosmetic makeover.

Founder’s pack items and pilot linking rewards

Items received as part of the Founders Pack are now converted to Legendary Paint Jobs – the highest rarity tier of Paint Job. You will still be able to apply these cosmetic upgrades to the new Wraith MK IV in your hangar. Similarly, Ember and Sapphire Paint Jobs will be granted in Warzone to eligible pilots and will be applicable to all new ships in Warzone. There’s never been a better time to link your pilot account.

Cosmetic pilot items

All previous Flight Suits and Helmets are compatible with Warzone and will remain in your hangar with no changes.

Class based XP

XP in Warzone is now per ship – as opposed to per class – so pilot XP has been reset in Warzone. This is part of the greatly improved progression system in Warzone, which is directly linked to the experience gained using specific ships. It’s a new fleet, and a fresh start for all pilots. Once you dive into the unique mod-based progression of each ship, you’ll understand why it was important to embark on this journey from the beginning.


Crafting ship upgrades is now part of the improved progression system. This means Salvage is no longer a currency or used for crafting mods. Instead, Salvage is now the in-battle fuel that charges your new Ultra abilities. Collect it from destroyed ships during battles to speed up the charge rate of these awesome super weapons for your own ship, as well as those of your team mates.


Rank will remain unchanged, and as a special bonus CCP will be giving Silver Reward Capsules based on how high you climbed. Silver Rank Reward Capsules will be waiting in your Vault when you first launch Warzone and you will receive 1 for each rank you achieved.

This means Rank 50 pilots will have 50 Silver Rank Reward Capsules waiting in their Vault at launch!


Warzone is a fresh experience for everyone. New ships and abilities mean this legacy data is not comparable or compatible with the Warzone expansion content. We will be immortalizing the pre-Warzone leader boards on shortly after the Warzone expansion launches.

Valkyrie league

In Warzone, the Valkyrie League will initially be unavailable. CCP aims to bring a new and vastly improved version of the Valkyrie League in an update after Warzone launch.

EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone is scheduled to launch on September 26 as a free expansion for all existing owners of the game, while the price for all newcomers will be set at 29,99$.