The Pulse is out with another episode! This time we're looking forward to some holiday events, sunsetting DX9 and a brand new EVE comic!

The Winter Status Update blog is coming soon, with information on EVE’s ecosystem, the introduction of new Capsuleers, insight into the game’s technical foundations, and a look at what’s upcoming for EVE. It's a blog post that players have been eagerly waiting for to get a glimpse into the near future and what CCP has planned for EVE.

Winter Nexus

The fusion of festivities that is the Winter Nexus series of events is returning to EVE on 9th December. As part of the Winter Nexus, there will be free daily login gifts, the Chilling Spree daily challenges, Wightstorm combat and exploration sites, traveling Volatile Ice Storms and filaments, plus a few surprises.

New EVE comic

The Capsuleer Chronicles, a new EVE Online comic developed in partnership with Dark Horse Comics has just been released. The first chapter in the four-part series, focused on the Triglavian Invasion of Raravoss, is available online digitally right now for free with the rest of the series to be released throughout 2022.

Changes to the NPE

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve the new player experience, some small changes have been made to career agents, and new player-friendly Skill Plans have been added.

Career agent paths have been renamed to align with the four main career paths as outlined in EVE Academy; Explorer, Enforcer, Industrialist and Soldier of Fortune.

In addition, each career agent will offer a new Skill Plan constructed from the initial skills available for new Capsuleers, giving them what they need when embarking on the adventures provided by the relevant Career Agent.

Corporation skill plans

Corporation Skill Plans will be going live in-client on 7 December. Player corps will be able to create, manage and share Skill Plans suited to their own needs and activities. As a result, a new corporation role will also be added, the Skill Plan Manager. This update will also contain further improvements to the Skill Plans feature, in response to Capsuleer feedback, so keep an eye on the patch notes.

Removing DX9 support

Going back to the investment in EVE’s tech foundations, it’s time to bid farewell to DirectX 9, support for which will be discontinued in January 2022. This will be the catalyst for future graphics engine improvements and optimization, as well as a great many opportunities for higher fidelity visuals in the future.


The Zakura Anniversary Bundle, celebrating one year of Japanese localization in EVE Online, is now available in the EVE Store. The bundle contains 1 month of Omega, PLEX, 50,000 Skill Points, plus the Zakura Shumyu SKIN for the Caracal and Vexor. In addition, Zakura Shumyu SKINs for marauders and select battleships have returned to the New Eden Store. Both the bundle and the SKINs are only available until the 13th of December.

EVE Down Under recap

EVE Down Under took place as an online only event on 20th and 21st November, with CCP Convict and CCP Larrikin in virtual attendance. Check out the stream on CCPTV for the developer chat and AMA, as well as some close battles in the PvP tournament, and don’t miss the Community Beat for more EVE community happenings.