EVE's next deployment release is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 25th, during normal downtime.

Downtime will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC, and will run for fifteen minutes, during which the June release will be deployed. It is expected that Tranquility will be back online and accepting connections by 11:15 UTC.

This light release as we roll into the summer brings new descriptions for a selection of nullsec outposts, detailing their rich player created history, as well as optimizations to character rendering and a new "attributes" tab for all NPCs that shows their damage resistances and the types of damage that they deal.

In addition to this, a number of fixes and improvements for war declarations, the user interface and a fix for abyssal deadspace timer displays.

Features & Changes


  • Refactored Character shadows to make them more performant. Refactored the character animation system, and added in new idle animations which make the characters seem more lifelike.


  • Repair Services will now be available at all high sec stations.
  • Outpost monument descriptions have been updated to include the specific history of outposts in 5P-AIP, KDF-GY, J-LPX7, Y-CWQY, 0OYZ-G, X-R3NM, 6VDT-H, JZV-F4, 0-G8NO, 4-EFLU, and P7-45V.

User Interface

  • An 'Attributes' tab has been added to the show info window for NPCs. This tab will list their damage resistances as well as showing what damage types they deal.
  • Added the ability to navigate Solar Systems and sites in the Agency by using the keyboard arrow keys.
  • Wars: It is now possible to see your ally offer after you sent it and it is also possible to retract it.

Improved character rendering

Defect Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Agency Probe Scanner button would not reopen a docked Probe Scanner window after closing it from the Solar System Map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Set Destination button in the Agency behaved inconsistently.
  • Fixed an issue where the Agent Finder in the Agency did not contain Epic Arc or Storyline agents.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Bookmark button would remain disabled even after the player no longer had the maximum number of bookmarks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Set Destination button in the 'Factional Warfare Nearest Station' feature would not change to Dock when in the system of the destination station.
  • Improved Probe Scanner button tooltip in the Agency.
  • Fixed another rare timing-related bug, where wormholes collapsed incorrectly, in this case if they were being used while the destination system was still loading.


  • Fixed missing glowing lines on the Caldari Battleship Golem's Vitalshift EGO SKIN.
  • Removed Darkness smoke effect on the Minmatar Battleship Hurricane (Regular and Fleet Issue) Minmatar Rust SKIN.
  • Fixed the killmark display on the Minmatar Battleship Vargur when the Chainbreaker Khumaak SKIN is applied.
  • Fixed icon image for the snake shape asteroid in the Guristas Extravaganza.
  • Clicking the "Clean Ship" button in the fitting window will now immediately clean your ship while docked.
  • Eliminated a spurious white flash when changing ships after pod death.


  • Addressed an issue that could lead to Abyssal Timer remaining after completing Abyssal Deadspace if the player disconnected while in the Encounter
  • Addressed issue preventing Mutated Modules from being linked in chat
  • Text & Descriptions:
  • Various text, punctuation and grammar fixes in several different places.
  • Moon ore descriptions now correctly link to the minerals listed in their descriptions.
  • Moon ores are now correctly listed as a source of obtaining each of their respective minerals.
  • Improved the pop-up message when trying to create a corporation, while in space.
  • Fixed a missing string in the notification mail reporting when a sovereignty structure has been transferred to a different owner.

User Interface

  • Wars: Fixed a longstanding problem, where the icon for being a war target was not updated correctly in the member list of chat channels when joining or leaving a corporation.
  • Fixed a text alignment problem in the fleet window for clients with Russian language.
  • Fixed the objectives displayed in the mission info panel for Your Undivided Attention (3 of 10).