EvE is one of the few games that can boast with a 10+ year career, but CCP always made it look as best as it can using cutting edge technology... This October patch polishes stuff up and makes the game even more shiny!

Firstly, the patch brings changes to the way post-processing is handled on all GPUs with most noticable performance boosts on AMD graphics cards. Also, market graphs have been revamped so all you traders can enjoy the dataflow with brand new looks.

In preparation for the upcoming November's fleet boost revamp, new blueprints for Command Burst charges will be available for all capsuleers. The full patch notes can be found below.

Defect Fixes


  • Adjusted the targeting computer for Doomsdays to overcome warp interference.
  • Bumped median price dots in the Price History graph to correct initial positions on non-100% UI scaled clients.
  • Corrected the application of Price History graph settings to prevent display issue,

Features & Changes



  • The post processing (PP) system has been refactored. This has led to client performance improvements on all GPUs. In addition to giving our PP engine more horsepower, we have improved the bloom effect and consolidated options such as HDR and 'crepuscular rays’ into the PP system.
  • A new graph library has been developed and replaces the old market graphs, this makes visualizing data more interesting and interactive and will allow us to do more interesting things with data visualization in the future.

Science & Industry

  • The blueprints for Command Burst charges are now for sale, allowing players to build the charges in anticipation of November's fleet boost revamp.


  • The Caedes and Rabisu Alliance Tournament prize ships have been added to the game. You can check this forum thread for their stats and bonuses. Follow the Alliance Tournament XIV weekends on CCP's official twitch channel (October 8/9 and 15/16) and watch live to see who is winning the prize ships!


  • The in-game browser (IGB) has been removed. Please check the blog Bidding Farewell to the in-game brower for more info.

    You can access the bookmarks of the IGB:
    1. Press windows-r. This will open a command window.
    2. Paste %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\ into the command window. This will open a file explorer where you should see a number of folders.
    3. Find the suitable folder. The folder should be the the path to your exefile executable (for example "c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility").
    4. Open that folder and then "settings", then "Browser" (in our example, the path to that folder would be %LOCALAPPDATA%\ CCP \ EVE \ c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility \ settings \ Browser).
    5. Locate a file called bookmarks.dat. This file contains your bookmarks.

Defect Fixes


  • Corrected a bug that would cause the booster explosion radius penalty to always apply.
  • All drones have had their sensors checked and calibrated, so that they now have their appropriate racial sensors.
  • Warp Disruption & Warp Scrambling now have different combat log messages.
  • Stargates would occasionally express their envy of dynamic objects by moving to a different position in their solar system after downtime. They have now been properly anchored and should remain firmly in their intended positions. "Pity the poor stargate, destined to remain forever immobile whilst faithfully sending ships towards locations that it can never know."
  • Activation of Clone Vat Bays no longer prevents tethering.
  • Prevented a situation where the wrong ship could sometimes be ejected in to space when undocking after rapidly switching ships.


  • Warp Disruptors and Warp Scramblers now have different graphical effects.
  • Fixed the visibility of eyebrows for certain colors.
  • Fixed an issue that would disable the autopilot under certain circumstances.
  • Unjammed the turret mounts on the Vehement so that they extend properly under siege mode.
  • Applied some grease to the wheels on the Vanquisher so that they turn again
  • Adjusted the 'Look at' camera distance for both cynosural & covert cynosural beacons.
  • Fixed an issue with Aura voiceover looping over spammed commands.
  • Fixed an issue with Aura's voice queueing instead of muting.
  • Hidden Display Adapters option for single display clients and Mac.
  • All ship tree ambient effects are correctly muted when the "Map & Ship Tree" audio slider is set to 0.


  • The AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier now correctly drops from NPCs.



  • Improvements of several Russian translations to be clear, shorter and closer to the English original, e.g. "Shields" are not translated as «щиты» instead of «силовые поля», and "Damage" is now translated as «урон» instead of «поражающее действие».
  • "XL" and "Capital" when referring to a module or charge size are now consistently translated as «Сверхбольшой».
  • The market categories, ship bonuses, skill names and skill descriptions have been fully reviewed and adapted to be consistent with the new terminology changes.


  • Resolved an inconsistency in the description of skills using "Notice" instead of "Note".
  • Removed a number of occurrences where double-spaces and other incorrect punctuation appear in descriptions.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a too high drone dps display in the fitting screen.
  • Made the market window more resilient against server lag and connection latency to prevent reloading the market data for an old item after having already selected a new one, which could have caused accidental purchases.