As of 05:00 EVE Time this morning, a new version of the EVE Portal app for EVE Online is now available – called EVE Portal 2019.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices and can be downloaded from either the AppStore or GooglePlay.

CCP claims the new app has been reworked from the ground up using Unreal 4 which seems like an odd choice for a mobile app development, but let’s see how things turn out.

The UI has been completely redesigned and the whole user experience does feel more like EVE now. A weird choice for a mobile app is the background music that will keep playing through the login and the app itself, but this can be turned off in the options.

The main central screen for the app is a new homepage that’s been introduced for your character, where you’ll be able to see new mail, skill training progress and calendar events, as well as check on what’s going on in New Eden with news and articles.

There’s also a handy character switch option at the top of the screen that’ll let you switch between the characters you have logged into the app, as well as a clock that’s always displaying EVE Time (UTC).

When you start adding your characters, you’ll see a screen that’s familiar to anyone who logs in. No need for API keys here or any other complicated madness – just log into the app the same as you would on a desktop with your username and password, authorize the character you want to use, and you’re good to go.

EVE companion app

At the moment, this process isn’t as easy as it sounds since the screen stays fixed even when your keyboard pops up over the form. This will disable you from seeing what you’re typing or it may even seem nothing’s happening since the keyboard will cover up your password field as well as the confirmation code inputs. Hopefully this gets fixed asap!

You can authorize one character from your account or hit the add character button again and add multiple characters from the same account if you want to keep tabs on them all.

They’ll all show up in the character list and you’ll be able to switch between them through the “Character Switch” option on the homepage.

If you want to find out more about your character, you can click the character portrait on the home page, and this’ll take you into the first version of the mobile character sheet.

There’s the basics there in terms of information right now – CCP refers to this as “EVE Passport 1.0” and are planning to evolve this by adding more information to it in future.

You can see your current corporation, skill point count, wallet and PLEX balance, security status, home station and current ship.

At the top there are also two additional tabs, these list your jump clones and their locations, as well as the implants in your current clone, and a map that shows the current balance of your attributes and how they’re being affected by your current implant set.

Of course, since this new version of EVE Portal is still designed to keep you in touch with pilots across the cluster, CCP has retained the EVEmail and Calendar features – both also redesigned from the ground up.

They’ve also been brought up to date with new dark UI and the same new tabbing system used throughout the rest of the app.

The Calendar is now also accessible via a few different routes. You can either go to “More” and click the calendar there or click a calendar related message in your feed on the home page to be taken directly to your calendar from there.

EVE companion app

Some updates to push messages have been implemented as well.

Since most pilots have multiple characters and they’re all receiving notifications, it could get pretty confusing to tell which character was receiving a notification in the old version of the app.

The app introduces personalized push notifications – by looking at the message, you’ll be able to see which of your characters is receiving the push notification.

EVE Portal 2019 also introduces a built in New Eden Store, so that you can browse and purchase SKINs, apparel and services on a per-character basis should you want to do so.

You’ll still need to purchase PLEX from your desktop PC, but once you have PLEX in your vault, you’ll be able to grab your favorite SKINs directly from your mobile device if you want to.

Skill training

The number one requested feature that was wanted in the original version of EVE Portal was mobile skill management.

So, CCP has done it. A mobile version of skill management is now a part of EVE Portal 2019.

It doesn’t cover the full range of features just yet, but all the basics are in there.

Right now, you can:

  • Add new skills to your queue.
  • Remove skills from your queue.
  • Re-order your skill queue.
  • Buy and inject new skills from the market.
  • Apply unallocated skill points to injected skills.
  • Pause and start your skill queue.

Please note however, that CCP has taken a lot of factors into consideration when deciding to allow this – particularly skill farming activities that occur in New Eden – and after a long internal discussion within CCP and some consultation with the CSM, only Omega pilots will have allowed access to the skill management features for now.

Alpha players will still be able to browse skills and skill queues, but this will be in a read only mode.

EVE companion app

And final, what you can’t find on the dock at the bottom of the app, you can find under the EVE shaped “more” hamburger menu in the bottom right of the screen. The plan is to expand this menu with new features depending on what CCP decides to do with the app.