The last few days were extremely destructive with orbital attacks almost coming daily from all corners of New Eden. With Amarr dreads in Floseswin, Caldari dreads in Tierijev and finally EOM capital fleet in Kahah - it really looks like we're about to step into another chapter of EVE's history...

Amarr dreadnoughts fire on Floseswin IV with siege lasers

01.05.2021. 19:54 

Floseswin, Metropolis – Reports from the war-torn Floseswin system state that multiple Revelation-class dreadnoughts have made orbit around Floseswin IV and have opened fire on surface targets with siege lasers. This assault on a Minmatar-controlled and -populated planet is particularly alarming for its potential to push the two empires into open warfare across New Eden.

Floseswin system, and the fourth planet in particular, has been a flashpoint in the Amarr-Minmatar militia warzone for nearly 18 months since the Amarr Royal House of Sarum launched a major offensive aimed at "reclaiming the planet and population" for the Amarr Empire. While fortunes have ebbed and flowed for both sides in the ensuing conflict, the Minmatar armed forces managed to retake and hold the major cities and secure most territories on the planet as system control fluctuated back and forth between capsuleer militias.

With the system now under Amarr militia space control, despite occasional strikes by Minmatar militia forces seizing temporary system control, there has been much speculation that a renewed ground offensive is being prepared by Sarum forces building up bases in Floseswin and nearby long-held systems. Reports are unclear as to the identity of the attacking forces but large numbers of Amarr Navy and Republic Fleet vessels are known to be in the area, raising fears of invasion and counter-invasion.

EOM attacks

Amarr dreadnoughts destroyed in pitched Amarr-Minmatar battle over floseswin iv

01.05.2021. 20:39 

Floseswin, Metropolis – Orbital bombardment dreadnoughts affiliated to the Amarr Empire have been destroyed in yet another highly-destructive battle over the fate of a planet.

Dreadnoughts bearing the identifiers of the Shining Flame mercenary company carried out a siege laser strike on the surface of Floseswin IV, apparently inflicting significant damage in the vicinity of the wartorn city of Jolan Kraal. Reports have indicated that surface forces presumed to be remnants of Amarr troops on the planet also carried out their own attack, even guiding weapons fire onto Jolan Kraal using surface-to-orbit targeting lasers. The assault was curtailed abruptly by the appearance of several capsuleer pirate supercarriers that proceeded to engage and destroy the dreadnoughts before retreating from a Shining Flame battleship fleet and Amarr loyalist counter-attack.

Minmatar Republic Fleet and Brutor Vanguard forces have been fighting to relieve the planet and the Republic Command's Floseswin IV Liberation Army has activated all reserve defense units. Planetary defense batteries at a number of locations on the surface have been firing on any vessel attempting to breach atmosphere. Republic Command aerospace fighter wings have been fully-scrambled and have engaged a number of targets in low orbit and the upper atmosphere.

Reports of attempted landings are unconfirmed. Reports of launches from locations deep in the southern ocean are also unconfirmed. Long-range scans of Floseswin IV suggest high-yield detonations on the southern continent. The long range of these scans and severe interference from atmospheric disturbances have made it difficult for independent confirmation of any details. Closer approaches are extremely dangerous and several Scope News Conflict Reporting Drones have been destroyed by Republic fighter craft and anti-aircraft fire.

CONCORD has issued an urgent appeal for calm and for the first time mobilized the DED reserves to "peacekeeping intervention status", known to be a euphemism for preparations to launch counter-invasion operations in the event one or more sides launches attacks beyond the militia warzones. Ambassador Keitan Yun and Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh have reportedly been recalled by their governments. The CONCORD Inner Circle has emphasized that "diplomacy continues through every possible channel".

The Gallente President and the Caldari Chief Executive Panel have issued their own calls for restraint, pointing to the fact that the incident took place "within the bounds of a designated militia warzone within the terms of the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act." While this is arguably a strained reading of the CEMWPA laws alongside the terms of the Yulai Accords and Convention, the possibility that such an argument may prevent a descent into total war cannot be dismissed.

Explosion reported at CEP spire in Landfall city on New Caldari Prime

03.05.2021. 19:09 

New Caldari Prime – Eyewitnesses have reported a large explosion in the upper levels of the Chief Executive Panel Administrative Spire on New Caldari Prime. Unconfirmed reports suggest that several of the upper levels of the corporate spire have been severely damaged, possibly entirely destroyed. Debris is reported to be raining into the surrounding plaza and nearby Landfall Park.

Communications with New Caldari Prime remain open but heavily congested. There are no reports of hostile space vessels in orbit of New Caldari Prime. It is unclear if the CEP was in session but the locations of several "Big 8" megacorp CEOs were last reported to be at their corporate HQ spires or offworld.

CEP Chairman Puok Kossinen is reported to be missing as sources indicate the CEP were meeting in "remote holographic conference". State Peacekeepers are locking down Landfall City as Caldari Navy and corporate security forces raise defense alerts. Planetary defenses, and city and arcology shields are also reported to have been activated across Caldari State territory.

EOM attacks

Caldari dreadnoughts launch missile bombardment of Tierijev IV Gallente defense complex

03.05.2021. 19:55 

Tierijev, Verge Vendor – A squadron of Phoenix-class dreadnoughts has reportedly begun a bombardment of the fourth planet of the Tierijev system. The apparent strike across the Gallente Federation's Verge Vendor border with the Citadel region in the Caldari State comes soon after a report of a major explosion at the Caldari CEP's primary Spire in Landfall City on New Caldari Prime.

The status of the Tierijev border system was disputed by the Caldari and Gallente governments for many decades after the end of the Caldari-Gallente War. Although the system was determined to be Gallente territory under the Yulai Accords, it remains a sore point of contention for Caldari nationalists. The Gallente Federation maintains an extensive defense complex on Tierijev IV, and there are a variety of settlements and industrial colonies on the planet.

Reports from both New Caldari Prime and Tierijev are confused but the Caldari Navy has declared the "orbital defenses and security of New Caldari Prime intact". The Federation Navy is reported to be scrambling fleet units to support Tierijev as the bombardment by Caldari dreadnoughts continues. AEGIS defense units in the system are also reported to be responding.

Caldari dreadnoughts destroyed over Tierijev IV in battle to stop bombardment

03.05.2021. 20:48 

Tierijev, Verge Vendor – The squadron of Phoenix-class dreadnoughts bombarding the planet Tierijev IV are reported to have been destroyed by a Federation Navy fleet, EDENCOM's AEGIS units and capsuleer forces in another pitched battle in orbit of a world threatened by mass destruction from space.

Reports indicate that the dreadnoughts were carrying the indentifiers of the Expert Intervention mercenary corporation, a PMC with links to the Nugoeihuvi megacorporation and its Internal Security corporate military. Damage reports are unclear but the Federation defense complex on the surface of Tirerijev IV is believed to have raised its defenses rapidly and warded off most missiles. Others have struck randomly in the surrounding region, with an unconfirmed report claiming an automated mega-plantation dedicated to high-yield wheat crops has been hit by at least one warhead.

The news from New Caldari Prime has been dominated by the destruction of the tip of the CEP's primary spire in Landfall City. CEP Chairman Puok Kossinen remains unaccounted for but the 'Big 8' megacorporation CEOs have been stated to be "safe, secure and holding a CEP meeting by remote holographic comms." The Caldari State's Inner Circle Delegate, Akimaka Saraki, has requested a full meeting of the Inner Circle after his own conference with several of the Big 8 CEOs. The Federation's Ambassador Devan Malate has joined the call for a meeting, and the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic delegates are understood to be enroute after reporting to their own governments over the weekend.

EOM attacks

EOM capital fleet sighted above Kahah III with reports of superweapon being fired

05.05.2021. 19:58 

Kahah, Khanid – An EOM capital fleet, reportedly consisting of several dreadnoughts and a titan, has been sighted in orbit of Kahah III. There are unconfirmed reports of a superweapon being fired at a target on the planet.

Kahah III is a holding in the Khanid Kingdom dedicated principally to food production and has a large population of commoners and slaves. A major slave rebellion flared up on Kahah III two and a half years ago, following a series of terrorist attacks using a weaponized version of the "Deathglow" narcotic. The rebellion was put down brutally by Khanid Kingdom forces including troops under the command of the notorious Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid.

A recent Brutor Vanguard attack on the Inis-Ilix Theology Council station is believed to have removed Chakaid and his associate Orlon Zashev from prison cells where they were awaiting trial for war crimes by the Amarr authorities. This incident was overshadowed by the recent series of attacks on planets by mercenary dreadnought squadrons but some observers have connected it to these events. If a major attack against Kahah III is underway such speculations may well be vindicated.

Eom Avatar and Revelations fleet destroyed following superweapon bombardment of Kahah III

05.05.2021. 21:06 

Kahah, Khanid – Equilibrium of Mankind capital ships subjecting the planet of Kahah III to railgun and superweapon bombardment have been destroyed in battle with capsuleers and Royal Khanid Navy forces. In a serious blow to the EOM, an Avatar-class titan piloted by the notorious Khanid Warlord Alar Chakaid was destroyed as it rained fire down on the planet. The supporting fleet of EOM Revelation-class dreadnoughts were also destroyed by forces responding to the devastation of Kahah III.

The Amarr Empire and Khanid Kingdom have condemned Alar Chakaid as a heretic and repudiated his actions as "grossest heresy, terrorism, and crimes against creation." At present it is unclear if Alar Chakaid has escaped once more. Orders to hunt down and eliminate the EOM cult conspirators have been issued by Empress Catiz I to all houses, ministries and branches of the Amarr military. Royal Khanid Navy units are conducting search and rescue operations across Kahah III but there are reports of considerable destruction in the agricultural centers hit by the superweapon blasts and accompanying railgun fire.

CONCORD's Inner Circle is meeting to consider this latest attack and review all available evidence and intelligence gathered from previous attacks, particularly in the light of this event, and the new information and evidence it provides. A broadcast on selected GalNet channels has also been made by a figure that is purported to be Ocilan Ardishapur, the founder and leader of the EOM. Amarr authorities have considered Ocilan Ardishapur dead for at least a thousand years but it is known that captured EOM cultists claim he lives and still leads the organization.