The long wait has ended, and it's time to finally disembark from our ships and explore the planets in first person! Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is out now!

Discover forgotten relics, lay eyes on alien vistas, and experience the Milky Way from a totally fresh perspective. Plus, fight side-by-side with your fellow players as you master a multi-layered battlefield where Commanders, SRVs and Starships converge.

With the alphas finally behind us, no commander is left behind closed doors through which Odyssey awaits. Odyssey brings a new chapter to the Elite universe and sets us on a path of, hopefully, many new exciting changes in the future. For the first time, Frontier decided to drop a major expansion / content update without the "season pass" delivery model, so it's to be expected that the game will suffer some minor bugs and glitches in the upcoming weeks until everything settles down. This especially goes for poor optimization and framerate people reported even on high-end machines so there's still some work to be done. 

So... what's new to check out immediately? Obviously the "elite-feet" or "space-legs" which now enable Odyssey players to experience the world from a first-person perspective. Planets now come with various settlements and outposts players can explore and interact with depending on your reputation with the local inhabitants. This means that you may be free to wander around stations and interact with objects and NPCs when friendly, or be a space pirate and fight your way through to your objective.

Various new missions are available that will also differ in approach and objectives. Depending on your play style - you might want to approach these as a stealthy sneaky individual and finish the mission without anyone even noticing you, or just drop in FPS style and wipe everyone that comes in your way!

The game also got richer in various points of interests scattered around the planets making the world a lot more fleshed out and interactive. Anything from broken SRVs, crashed ships to abandoned outposts...

Of course, Elite wouldn't be Elite if we didn't get a brand-new set of engineers. These are now specialized to upgrade your commander suit/weapons that now play a grand role especially if you're interested in joining new conflict zones that are basically an FPS mode with mixed PVP/PVE. Not only that - the old engineers can now actually be visited since they can be found on their own stations in first person mode!

If you're not the pew pew type of guy, you'll be happy to hear there's a brand-new gameplay loop in the form of exploration and discovery where you can scan alien plants and cash in on your findings. This activity paired with the fact Odyssey comes with new planetary tech and atmospheres (even though, still limited) brings a whole new level to the already best screenshot simulator on the market!