Frontier's back again this week with more answers for us on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. This week we're getting more info regarding on foot weaponry...

Q: Will anti-vehicle weapons be available?
All weapons can be used against ships, however some are far more effective, such as explosive weapons like rocket launchers and grenades.

Q: Will players be equipped with a weapon immediately upon launch?
Just as you will always have a Sidewinder available as a ship, all players will have a side arm to help them in combat

Q: Will there be melee weapons?
Players will be able to attack with melee when close but there are no specific melee weapons.

Q: What kinds of explosives are there?
Only grenades and rocket launcher are planned for launch

Q: Will the aiming reticule always remain on-screen?
The reticule is used to interact with objects as well as for combat, so will always be on-screen. Firing from the hip will still use the same reticule for general direction, but will be less accurate.

Q. Which weapons allow you to look down the sights?
All weapons will have this function, however different scopes are available for each through Engineering.

Q. Could players throw grenades at ships an expect to deal significant damage if it's unshielded?
Yes and we look forward to watching it happen!

Q. What types of weapons will there be?
There's a wide variety of weapons from pistols, rifles and SMGs, to shotguns and rocket launchers. More details will be revealed on these later.

Q: Will players be able to upgrade their weapons with attachments?
You can choose from several attachments for your weapons. However, a modified weapon cannot be reverted, so think carefully. You can own multiple copies of a weapon for different situations, but can only carry a limited number of them at a time, depending on your suit type.

Q: Can you drop ammo/grenades for your friends?
Yes - other players can pick up and use your dropped items.