Premiered during The Game Awards 2020, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s latest trailer offers a first taste of the gameplay this latest expansion will bring in early 2021.

The trailer itself is short but gives a solid idea of what to expect. One of the major things to notice here is the sense of scale and perspective while on foot. There have been a lot of questions raised over the years about the weird scale Elite puts on the player and the in-ship camera and how that will translate down to space legs, but – it seems some work has been done and we actually might get a solid feel for those enormous ships we are so used to flying.

Among showcasing new planetary tech, the trailer shows fast-paced FPS gameplay both in open and closed quarters with very dark and gloomy lighting making interiors, once again, very atmospheric – something Elite has been known for ever since release.

At the same time of the trailer release, Frontier (apparently by mistake) released pre-orders for Odyssey on their official website starting at 30£ with the deluxe version at 40£. The game was also briefly visible on Steam but swiftly removed shortly after, only to be re-added a bit later once again.

Players can pre-order the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion with an SRP of £29.99/$39.99/€34.99. Also available is the Deluxe Alpha expansion pack, with an SRP of £39.99/$54.99/€46.99, including the Odyssey expansion, Alpha/Beta access and the official soundtrack. Both pre-order packs grant access to the exclusive Pioneer suit skin as a pre-order bonus.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will allow Commanders to explore distant worlds on foot for the very first time, taking on new missions and engaging in intense tactical combat, seamlessly merging with Elite Dangerous’ iconic cockpit experience players have come to know and love. Players will be able to customize their characters for ground operations with different specialized suits and gear options and meet with other Commanders in social hubs across the galaxy. These hubs will provide ideal locations to plan their next move, form alliances and acquire and upgrade new equipment.

Action takes on a new dimension in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey through multiple spheres of combat. Starships, ground vehicles and commanders collide during devastating air-to-ground firefights. Players will be able to choose from an array of weapons and gear to suit their own play style and try to gain a tactical advantage, but it will be up to them to choose between all-out guns-blazing action or taking a stealthier approach.