Join Drew Wagar, the author of the official Elite: Dangerous novels and special guest on a journey to rediscover the lore of Elite's universe.


  • When? – 20:00 GMT/UTC Thursday (Special events to be arranged on certain Saturdays) – immediately after the official Frontier Thursday stream.
  • Where? – In-game and on
  • PC, Xbox, PS4? – Drew plays only on PC, and does not have an account on the other systems. However the community may be able to provide alternatives. Stay tuned or discuss options on the Discord.
  • Private Group? – Yes. Search for “Drew Wagar” on PC (Rules apply. Strictly no PVP or player harassment in this group. Infractions will be dealt with by immediate exclusion, no exceptions, no debate.)
  • Which mode? – You are welcome to fly in your preferred mode; solo, private or open. (Your safety cannot be guaranteed in open mode, though the private group will be moderated)
  • Where I can find out more? – Check out Twitter, the official ED Forums post and the Discord channel.
  • What ship? – Run what you brung, CMDR. (Recommend SRV equipped and 20+ jump range at this point). You may wish to bring a cheap ship in case of any ‘incidents’ with other players or the environment.
  • Weapons? – You might need them, just observe private group rules as stated.
  • Permits? – Worth getting permits for SolAchernar and Alioth in advance if you can. If you can’t, arrange to hitch a multi-crew ride with another CMDR who has them. (Some grind required.)
  • Can we ask questions? – Of course. Join the twitch stream live, comment on Drew's official site or on Discord.
  • Can’t make that date! – Videos will be uploaded to youtube afterwards
  • What’s going to happen? – You will be give a system locale to rendezvous at (see below) and Drew Wagar will take you on a tour of the lore. You can join other CMDRs in-game or fly solo, watch live or after the event.
  • This is hype and marketing for a new Elite Dangerous book? – No it’s not. Drew claims he's doing this tour because he enjoys the background lore and thinks it’s not very obvious to new, and even some seasoned, players of Elite Dangerous. It’s just for fun.

Current Itinerary*

*Being confirmed. Subject to change at this point. Special guest list also being confirmed.

Title Week Date Start Point Description
"So it begins" Week 1 2nd April Sol History of Earth and the Beginnings of the Federation
"The Expansion" Week 2 9th April Tau Ceti The Early Federation
"Bread and Circuses" Week 3 16th April Achenar History of the Empire
"The Writers Pt1" Week 4 23rd April TBC Special Guests TBC
"Per Ardua Ad Astra" Week 5 30th April Nefertem Generation ships and Hyperspace
"The Rise and Fall of Galcop" Week 6 7th May Lave Lave, The Far Colonies and the Old Worlds
"The Great Mystery" Week 7 14th May REDACTED The Dark Wheel and Raxxla
"First Contact" Week 8 21st May 12 Trianguli, HIP 12099 Thargoids and INRA
"The Writers Pt2" Week 9 28th May TBC Special Guests TBC
"The Last Alliance" Week 10 4th June Alioth History of the Alliance
"Ipsos Custodes" Week 11 11th June Synuefe IL-N C23-15 The Guardians
"Beyond the Frontier" Week 12 18th June Prism The Story of Salomé