In this week’s newsletter Frontier announced the beta date for Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return, explaining exactly how the beta will run and how it benefits everyone to take part and help test the new content.

The Return will begin on August 17. As 2.4 will roll out in a slightly different way to the previous updates, the same will be the case for the beta.

The initial beta period will be open for those who have previously paid for beta access, it will then close for a few days to let Frontier prepare for Open Beta, and then it will come back online for everyone to test. Full instructions on what needs testing will be available on Frontier beta specific forums, but just like the beta for 2.3.10 and as with previous updates, Thargoid specific content will remain a surprise and will not be present in the beta.

If you decide to help out by jumping in to test – Frontier will be giving out unique tester’s decals (more details of the decal will be available on Frontier social media channels) to use on your ships in the main game. These decals will be made available at a later date, and more instructions on how you can get your hands on yours will be provided when the beta change list goes live on August 17.